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Shooting outside the Performance Center


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Triple H has tweeted:


@TripleH: Unfortunately a deranged individual with no WWE affiliation, who had a court order prohibiting him from being on WWE property...(1/3)


@TripleH: was involved in an incident with an Orange County Sherriff’s deputy in the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center... (2/3)


@TripleH: We defer to the Orange County Sherriff’s department for further comment and information. (3/3)

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according to the news station reporting on this the guy shot was 'obsessed with female wwe wrestler'

How pissed off are Vince and HHH going to be with that - 'they're not female wrestlers, they're Divas'

Bloody local news stations and their shitty reporting.


wonder who the 'diva' in question is

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