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UKFF: Step 2 tha mic

Undefeated Steak

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I got the idea to do this after watching the recent ITV documentary on the one and only Andy Cole.


Shout out to one half of the Premier League's greatest ever tag team.




If you didn't watch it, they played a clip of his raptastic 'Outstanding' track from way back when. Here it is:





Well, it's the UKFF's time to jam.


Anybody who's up for taking part records a line or two on their phone or computer, and we put them all together to create a Band Aid style collaboration track. (Is somebody willing to put the tracks together? Any budding music producers want to volunteer for this?)


We can all vote on which instrumental track to use. Something like New York State of Mind, perhaps. Or, in keeping with the UKFF's recent journey to the gay side, how about an Abba instrumental? Here's one https://youtu.be/BTkVlKf-yOk


Any suggestions on how to write the actual rap? Each person write their own rhymes or one lyrical genius to write the whole thing? It should have a specific theme, ideally. It needs to be about wrestling obviously but that's all I have so far. Remember, the broader it is, the more chance we have of getting into the top 100 for Wrestlemania. Or if it has insider terms, will it go viral? I don't know.


Nate Pitcos has kindly offered to lay down a hook for the chorus. Good on him.


It really is a blank canvas. The general idea's there. Any suggestions along the way are welcome.


If you're in then all you need to do is include a picture of a famous rapper.








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If you want a more old-school sound, and less copyright issues, I could put together a funky Rapper's Delight style backing track for us to use.

Because I have a boring job, I spent today wondering if you mash together Rapper's Delight and Empire State of Mind.



[Edit] Better version. The claps sound better, I've replaced the bass guitar and added a Nile Rodgers style funky guitar.


2 lines of count in, 4 lines of just drums and bass, 4 lines of drums bass and guitar, 4 lines of everything. If we're using this, then just use which bit you prefer and I'll edit it around this.

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