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Grado Does Canada!


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Hey folks,

First time I've logged into the UKFF in a few years.  Jesus, I wonder if anyone even remembers me anymore.  Anyways, Grado was here in Toronto this past weekend.  He fought ROH's Seleziya Sparx on Saturday night at Superkick'd and American indy wrestler "Supercop" Dick Justice on Sunday at Alpha-1 Wrestling.  Great guy.  It was cool hanging out with him a bit.  I think he and I talked about Coronation Street as much as we did about wrestling.  (Yes, I'm still a diehard Corrie fan.)  Thought I would share this short video from Saturday night's after party.


Video: Grado Sings!


And because your Uncle Kingdom is an attention whore, here's me managing my #AllBlackEverything faction on the Superkick'd show...


Video: Kingdom James hates you




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Grado was wrestling in icw Sunday, so that video wasn't Sunday, and he wrestled in drumchapel glasgiw Friday night.

Look at the date, for some reason KingdomJames waited for exactly a whole year to respond to Herbie's barb.


Haha that's incredible. I would never have noticed that had you not pointed it out. 


How strange.

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Grado must have a good agent up here. He really is everywhere in Scotland.

He should do, being a household name an’ all.


(I jest, but in all seriousness it’s great how over he’s getting and all entering entertainment avenues other than wrestling.)

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