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Schwiiing! Or Ming

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Alright first of all sorry for the sexism this is just supposed to be a bit of fun. We haven't seen one of these on here for a few years but now's as good a time as any. There seems to be some debate in the Actors you like/hate thread as to whether Maggie Gylenhaal is a beautiful woman and a great actress or something that looks like a melted candle of an old woman, here is some evidence.






updide down nose





She was supposed to be the same character as Katie Holmes in Chris Nolan's awful Dark Knight films, gaze upon Katie's beauty in comparison



I mean come on


Her hunky brother proves looking like a sad cartoon turtle doesn't run in the family.



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This is a rather nasty thread. I hope she doesn't come across it. If she does then YOU HAVE LOVELY EYES MARGARET.

You are fucking awful.




Eh? I was joking when I said it was a nasty thread, and I do think she has lovely eyes, what's the issue? I was accused of trolling in the "plop" thread even though Loki was saying practically the same thing.

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