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Raw Discussion 15/04/2013


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I'm surprised at the lack of reaction to what was a pretty note-worthy show. I like the announcement of Brock/HHH 3 at Extreme Rules. I guess it's WWE's way of saving face with Brock by having him win the series. Kofi once again winning a midcard title with no build or purpose, it really is stupid unless they are transitioning it to put it on Fandango possibly?


Quite an interesting way to write Punk out, It wouldn't surprise me if he came back as a face. Also pretty noteworthy that Ryback is a fully fledged heel now, I thought his promo video was excellent. Strange to have The Undertaker in a match on Raw next week...when was the last time that happened? Against Bret when the Nexus interrupted? I'm not quite sure what they are doing with The Shield either...Are they feuding with Undertaker? Hell No? Triple H? or Cena?


Anyway pretty good show.

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Last time I saw R-Truth he was in an illustrious six-man with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder.

Last night he's beating the IC champion.



Kane/Bryan/Taker vs The Shield next week in London though! Woot woot for those of us going to that.



Nothing more to add without watching the show.


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Swagger pins the new world champ with a roll-up, but can't beat the previous champ even though he has a dodgy leg??? Way to start off Ziggler's reign on a strong point. Book him to lose in his first match. And R-Truth vs Barrett ? Thank god for the FF button. Love Rybacks promo, very intense and well delivered, Punks exit was good, and HHH-Lesnar in a cage. Since Heyman kept saying "old school" cage match, any chance we could see the blue bars? Better than the bendy mesh they have now. Anyone else notice the camera cut to The Sheild during the end segment? Wonder if that was deliberate.....

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First time I've stayed up to watch a Raw in ages. Well, I was doing a shitload of overtime at work, and finished at 2 so i was up anyway, but still. I thought the show was decent if unspectacular. The opening handicap match was fine for what it was, but its a strange dynamic to have two faces who arent of the jobber variety going up against one opponent. It didnt really need to happen. I thought Show would end up winning because Orton and Sheamus would start to bicker amongst one another. I thought they seemed to be going this way, with them kinda arguing over who got to start the match and then JBL playing up how frustrated Orton must be on the apron with Sheamus not tagging him in, but it came to nothing. I missed Smackdown, do we know the motivate for Henry attack Sheamus or is he just being thrown into the mix?


The Ryback promo was good in principal. The content was good, and everything seems pretty logical. I just find him incredibly dull and boring when he is speaking. I also hate the way he over emphasises the last word of practically ever sentence. He looks comically odd when talking, and not intimidating which is what i assume he is going for.


I can really see them going into hyper overdrive with Fandango to the point where it becomes overkill as opposed to staying over. Its rare that something that should really be wrestlecrap (and probably still will be eventually) goes viral and global, and non fans everywhere seem to be digging it. It would be a shame for them to just shoot their load with it and ruin what could be a good money spinner down the line. WWE has a tendency to throw a load of shit at the wall and see what sticks, well this has stuck for the moment, they should proceed with caution and not ruin it before it really gets going.


So is that Punk off our screens now for a bit?


Oh, and Lesnar was awesome too. He looked really good destroying 3MB. Especially the speed of the fucker when Slater tried to run away. He looked like he was really digging the crowd too. He looked like that was the most he has enjoyed an appearance since the night he came back after Mania last year. Really made me want to see him v Batista next year though. Unlike the majority, I've quite enjoyed his matched with Triple H, so I'm looking forward to their cage match.

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Good job for for Fandango that Raw is in London next week, because last night was more Zack Ryder than the Daniel Bryan YES! stuff. There was something quite depressing about the crowd's half arsed attempt to sing his theme this week. It's like they felt like they had to but couldn't give a fuck, like listening to a record on the wrong speed. Do you want to go Fandangoing? Not really seemed to be answer.


And what a week of difference for Ziggler too. Last week, "I'm here to show the world" *roof came off*. This week "I'm here to show the world" *meh*. Neither is the one he's really after. And then he lost for a change. Still, good promo from him I thought.


Kofi Kingston, who they couldn't give a shit about for months wins a title off a bloke they seemingly built up for months. All preceeded by said bloke Yodelling. Things like this just wash over me normally but this annoyed me because it seems like they are doing to Cesaro exactly what they did to the bloke that just beat him, double mental. If people aren't getting over, don't destroy any chance they have of getting over by them constantly getting battered. Why should I give a shit about Kingston when they've just spent the rest of this year showing me how shit he is?


On the plus side Brock Lesnar was a beast as usual, another great attack from him that once again felt exciting and unpredictable. I was hoping they'd do him vs Cena in a cage last year what with the UFC tie-in and all, so while i'm not exactly clamoring for him vs HHH again, the envrionment makes it interesting.


Never thought I'd say this, but i'm going to miss Punk. Intrigued by the story though and he does deserve a break. Not sure where he could have immeadiately gone anyway, so look forward to his eventual return.


Ryback promo made sense and was well done, bit long but was logical, if a little moany for a monster. I'd thought of something similar to explain it last week considering Cena took the pin at Survivor Series and threw him out the Rumble, plenty of motive. Guessing The Shield attack was just so Ryback can say Cena wasn't there for him so he wasn't for Cena etc.

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Raw seems to be continuing that weird auto-pilot thing they were doing before The Rock turned up for the Rumble. Nothing was particularly awful, but nothing that great either. It's just all there, filling a few hours of your week.


Despite two of their other matches not being that good, I'm oddly excited by Triple H/Lesnar III. Hopefully they can finally have a really good match. I think my favourite thing about Lesnar is when his music plays, out of nowhere, and the crowd make an "AWWW!" noise instead of boos or cheers - that combined with wrestlers looking like they're about to be charged at by a Lion is always good value.


Ryback is such a loser, in my eyes, that I'm not that arsed with him. Shame, as Cena is in good form. They should have given Henry a run with Cena.


The Punk stuff is probably the most interesting thing on the show. You wonder where this leads to, hopefully not another shite face run.


"Fandangoing", not sure about that. Fandango is great, though.

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I thought Fandango was really poor last night. I think it will be a case of the less said the better with him. He actually looked menacing when he was running in and attacking Jericho previously. But trying to get the crowd to join in "Fandangoing" just didn't come across well.


R-Truth beating Wade Barrett was completely out of the blue but I really like Truth. His short main event run against Cena was really entertaining. Going to take a hell of a lot to make anyone care about the IC title though.


Ziggler may have lost again but I think he's going to be more successful as the underdog, likely losing on TV but winning when it matters on PPV.


I've no interest in Cena and Ryback yet and I have no idea where they are going with the Shield but there is only so many 6-man tags these guys can have.

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Is this the worst the commentary has ever been? if not it can't be far off especially when JBL goes off on one SHOUTING OVER EVERYONE BECAUSE APPARENTLY THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THE MAN CAN MAKE A POINT (is it a Republican thing?) or defending that monumental bore Jack Swagger.


I didn't give a shit about Ziggler or his freak show two weeks ago and I still don't give a shit about them now and loosing to Swagger clean already sums up what a complete and utter fucking looser he is. Cena was great though and I'm enjoying his feud with Ryback right now.

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It was a completely miss-able episode of Raw for the most part. However, Ryback's involvement with John Cena is well, not that exciting but it could develop nicely but Ryback shouldn't be explaining himself, he doesn't really do much for him. He's a menacing bastard, he wants the championship and he doesn't want to take the high road anymore....that should be enough.


I had to double take when I saw Kofi actually got the three count. Every bloody year they do this out of nowhere mid-card reign with him, one thing that we can salivate in though is there shouldn't be any chance that Dolph Ziggler comes knocking for his shot at the belt. I thought Cesaro was good in this match and I haven't seen many of his matches this year, I do hope he sticks around on TV though...maybe in a tag team because when the bell rings he always puts on a solid match. Oh, this yodeling thing, its almost as if a heel wrestler fails to be seen as menacing as Mark Henry that he needs to go down the comedy route i.e. Brodus, Tensai and countless others through the years....always quite amusing.


Lesnar was a beast and I thought Heyman delivered the match proposal brilliantly...especially showing pleasure in the word 'Extreme'. I didn't care for the Summerslam match between Lesnar and Triple H and well, the Mania match was a far cry from a classic but I am looking forward to this match. Mostly because it is the first time that Lesnar has been in the cage since coming back to WWE and you just know that its going to be barbaric. Hopefully Lesnar isn't completely absent until Summerslam this year after this one as I think he is really needed on TV without Punk waving the flag for the bad guys. Brock should get a win and finally put this feud to bed. If a cage match is to be it's end, the feud will have been worth it.


I think Punk left the right way. No cursing the fans out for being under-appreciated, nothing about being screwed or anything like that. Just a guy that's bubble has burst following his recent outings. I know how much folk around here hate the very idea of a 'tweener' and the difficulties in actually portraying the role effectively without lending themselves to the face or heel side of the fence...however, I think he will be ambiguous upon his return at least until its more clear where he is needed and who he would be a good fit to feud with. As of now, its difficult to see what he could do.


So, not too much to tune in for next week but it made clear that Extreme Rules should be worth a watch. Triple H/Brock should be better than the Mania bout, Cena/Ryback should be better than Cena/Rock....that's a fair deal for the fans that don't just tune in and out at Wrestlemania season.


Oh, and Fandango should act like Fandagoing never happened. If it's going to happen then great, if not....whatever.

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Completely uneventful show, ground into dust with wrong results and over-exposures. They seemed to negate any positives that they've made, just for the sake of it.


- Ryback looked ace last week, and though it was a little long, he looked a monster in his promo. Then they had John Cena make him look like a scared bitch at the end by basically laughing in his face and having him back down from a fight.


- Antonio Cesaro lost his title to Kofi for no reason. Nobody cares about Kofi one bit, he barely even gets a pop any more. Sack him off. Reminded me of when Beth Phoenix was on a record-run with her title and they gave it to one of the Bellas for no reason at all.


- Wade Barrett comes off looking strong lately by losing to R-Truth. Another guy nobody has gave a shit about for ages.


- Randy and Sheamus vs Big Show made no sense. You don't need two guys who can beat Big Show on their own teaming up to beat him. No tension, no turns, no point.


- Fandango getting no reaction was awkward as. They're doing the opposite of what they need to be doing with him. Have him come out and do a Kurt Angle by having him be all like "Stop chanting my theme song, you don't deserve to" or whatever. That'll make them chant it more as a way to annoy him. Don't have everyone on the show hype it and practically force the fans into doing it. They won't, and didn't, do it.


- I don't think I've ever seen Kaitlyn win a match, yet she's the champion.


- John Cena was putting on some strange accent all night. Like he was acting in a Jim Carrey film or something. Very off-putting.


- HHH vs Brock isn't a big deal any more. The first two matches got luke warm receptions and a third one means nothing. Two part timers, so who cares who gets the 2-1 win except themselves?


It was a shit show, not even just in comparison to last week.

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I thought this was awful, awful stuff this week.


I have been quite impressed recently but this reminded me of all that is bad with WWE.


It is blindingly obvious that Vince does not rate Ziggler, he views him the same as he does Christian, where everybody else can see he should be pushed so he thinks he has to do something, but in his heart of hearts he doesn't really believe in him so it is all half arsed. He was the same way with Punk before he nearly lost him and the now infamous promo came about, he never thought Punk was solid maain event material.


Kofi wins the US title, ok then, i am supposed to get behind that am i, he has been squashed for about 6 months and booked to mean absolutely fuck all. I know US/IC titles mean nothing but c'mon.


Hornswoggle/Khali vs Rhodes Scholars..........just, why.


Prime Time Players squashed again, have these guys pissed off the wrong person or something.


To sum up, crap illogical booking and way too much shite.

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I thought it was a great show.


The triple threat match has put that story to bed. I'd love to see Seamus and Orton carry on as a team. They're going nowhere singles wise, and they look like they're enjoying themselves.


I've no objection with Kofi winning the title, people can win and lose matches every week without there being some sort of ulterior motive, my only objection is that he got the match in the first place. What did he do to deserve it, besides be the colour guy on the WM pre-show.


The sooner Ziggler moves on from Swagger and Del Rio, the better. The two blandest guys in recent history.


I enjoyed the Ryback explanation. Nice to see some long term continuity. Whilst necessary, its awkward when they play these videos to the crowd, they get bored and start chanting Goldberg.


Agree on Punks quiet exit, and looking forward to Lesnar vs Trips in a cage. Hopefully be brutal.


I'm hopefully in London on Sunday for the marathon, seriously thinking about stopping Monday too, to take in that six man. I love a renegade faction, and The Shield are doing the job fantastically.


And finally, I have to say I was amazed with the reaction Fandango got over the WM weekend. Impressed even. I still think I was right in that he'll be forgotten about come next years Mania, but I don't agree that Curtis has no future. He can easily be repackaged.

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