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Post yer Plimsolls !!

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Just actually won a trainer raffle and bagged these.

I call these Cookie Monster Converse.  14 quid from the Converse store at Cheshire Oaks.  

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Got these a month or so ago. Had a pair of Vans on the go since '02 so I have a bit of a brand loyalty that I'm sure a lot of us do. I'm liking the rise in popularity of the them too as it means that Vans stores are popping up in more places and I was pleased to see the one open up in Liverpool last year because its generally a more fun place than your local Schuh.

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Perhaps I'm wrong.


But it's rare to see people wear such ostentatious shoes in real life. As such, ill be willing to offer a grovelling apology when I see enough pictures of said ostentatious shoes next to a sheet of paper that says 'fuck off Daz you massive prick.'

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Comedy flame trainers are the front runners certainly.


I've got a suspicious eye cast over The Who converse and Bane shoes as well. As a wildcard ill chuck in hemp Adidas, too.


If I get these four next to the aforementioned paper, and maybe even a fork, I'll issue an appropriate grovelling apology. I'll write it on my bare feet and post it here, if I have to.

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