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Wrestlers that have had a go at starting a business

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After reading about the new Hulk Hogan shop, I thought I would start a new thread about wrestler's that have had a go at pouring their hard earned bucks into starting a business. Most wrestlers do the same and retire and open wrestling schools but others have gone into other areas.


Does anyone know any ?


I'll start with the late Bam Bam Bigelow and his BAM BAM BIGELOW'S Hamburger Joint on route 590 in Lake Ariel, PA


Their specialty was "the beast burger"


I recall reading a review from a fan about how him and a friend hunted down the shop and how shocked they were that Bam Bam Bigelow was cooking the hamburgers. Then after cooking the burgers for him and his friend he sat with them giving them a Q and A about the WWF.


I could'nt find any photo's of the joint if anyone can dig one up and post that would be great :thumbsup:

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Let's see...


Abdullah the Butcher House of Ribs

"The food here is bar none themes bbq I have ever had. What makes this place so special is all the wrestling pics and the overall experience. When we got thereby husband asked if Abdullah would be coming by. They actually called and he came and sat with us while we ate! Being long time wrestling fans this was the highlight of our vacation. He told us all about his experience with wrestling, life, etc. Back to the food----all home made....the smoker is in the back. The corn bread was to die for! A must if you are a bbq fan, wrestling fan or both!" - Random trip adviser review



Referee Tim White's Friendly Tap



Rob Van Dam's Five-Star Comics

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Abdullah the Butcher has a restaurant i believe then there's this years Apprentice winner Ricky Martin who runs a recruitment agency. Sting & Luger run a gym and I know there's loads others, but I can't recall them all currently.

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Brisco Brothers' Body Shop


I always thought this was a rib given all the innuendo and sly remarks Ross and Lawler would make about it, only just realised it actually exists.


And although it's now closed this was once upon a time open and thriving in California i believe.




Then of course there was this short lived disaster:



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I'm sure I remember Booker T having a hip hop record shop or something


I seem to recall a series of vignettes in TNA around the time Booker was first turning heel showing Booker at home in and around Houston (or maybe TNA were going there for a show?) which showed him as the owner of a bar or restaurant, and "caught" him instructing the bartender to water down the beer. Not sure if that was completely storyline, though.

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