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Is there an app that works with this site?


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Why do you need an app for the forum? Just curious.

To make it easier to use on our phones?

I post from it on my iPhone no problem.


On a side-note, if Safari's not your bag on iOS, Google Chrome's been available on iOS for a short while now.

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There are forums out there that are using apps. Its not tied to just one forum but to the whole brand of the board.

such as proboard have an app.

Cmax uses a mobile version of their site too, although not an app. It makes it very easy to navigate around.

it says at the bottom ukff is IP Board, so unless they have an app were fucked. Thats what I wanted to know.


The writing is just so small on my iphone and im constantly zooming in and out, to the point I hardly come on here anymore.

Gotta move with the times UKFF. :rolleyes:

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