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The Best & Worst of Raw


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So many great memories.


The first one that springs to mind is Marty coming out of the crowd to challenge HBK for the IC title. The exchange between Shawn and Vin-Man is gold; 'Clam up Jack' with Shawn saying he'll defend the title against anyone, anytime, anywhere and then some scruffy looking bloke gets in the ring and Vince is all; 'IT'S MAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY JANNETTY' and then Vince and Marty back Shawn into a corner and he ends up losing the belt.


Coming back off holiday knowing nothing of the previous two weeks' events and seeing Benoit, Malenko, Saturn and Guerrero sat in the front row of RAW.


Another of my favourites is the absolute savage beatdown that Owen, Bulldog, Mabel, Yoko and Dean Douglas hand out to Taker, Shawn and Diesel in 1995.

Absolutely all of those. The first one being my absolute favourite 'moment' of RAW.


In addition for me;


The King destroying Stu and Helen Hart on the balcony during Hitman/Bigelow. His patter was class. It usually was pre-Attitude.



The Kid beating Razor.



Pillman returning to attack Austin in April '97 (and his promos in the Goldust feud)



Rick Rude's return as HBKs insurance policy.



Hardys beating the Acolytes for the titles.



The greatest tag team in the world beating the hell out the Steiner babies’ to take home the gold.



Jake getting his retribution on Lawler by playing drunk, hitting the DDT, winning, then setting Revelations loose.






Rockers reunion.



Ahmed debuts and slams Yokozuna. Not the worst first impression.



Perfect turning on Mero. I’ll explain this one, because in hindsight it was shit as nothing came out of it, but at the time, I was all excited by it. It was like a rollercoaster as you anticipated the return for a week, only for the disappointment of the swerve, made up for with the double turn which you assumed would lead to the real Mr Perfect coming back to feud with Mero. Alas it wasn’t to be. Would’ve been brilliant though as Mero was hot in ’96 too, and it had been 5 years since we really saw Mr P in-ring.


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Santino's Tea Party from 2010 (yes, doesn't seem like yesterday)


Totally off topic but how class does Kozlov look in that get up. They should have run with that, some sort of odd job type thing even.

Anything that kept him in a suit and bowler hat looking cosmic.

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Fuck. I completely forgot about the Rockers reunion! Was that when they wrestled La Resistance?


The Marty Janetty vs Kurt Angle match from the Smackdown around then was brilliant...but we'll save discussion for the 1000th Smackdown thread!

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Artist Formely Known as Goldust.



LOD Vs Kane & RVD



Big Show Vs Al Snow for the Hardcore Title (Feb 01?)



Lesnar returns



Mike Awesome debuts and wins Hardcore title





Cena drafted to SmackDown then back to RAW



Booker T Vs Buff Bagwell



There has been loads but finding images is abit tricky.

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Here are some other best bits of Raw


Bret Hart's heel promo 1997 the night after Wrestlemania 13



Ahmed Johnson joining the Nation (until he got injured again)



Stone Cold stunning Vince for the first time in 1997 at the MSG



Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart bury the hatchet



The excellent Shawn Michaels and Undertaker "Running Up That Hill" video package


Batista quitting in his wheelchair. Very amusing promo


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LOD Vs Kane & RVD


I'd have to disagree. There were better LOD returns on Raw than this. This was pretty shite at the time. The LOD weren't as fondly remembered at the time as they are now. People still had LOD 2000 and all the times Animal and Hawk turned up on shit Indies generally being shit stuck in their head. They were proper relics at the time. When they did that match with RVD and Kane, the reaction was like "don't hire these fuckers, please". Hawk no selling RVDs finish was quite stupid as well.


Is that not Rhino in that photo that you think is Mike Awesome?

Awesome is the bloke in the background charging towards Rhino.

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Agree with most of those in Reznor and Twinn's posts.


The Jerry Lawler in the stands with Stu and Helen one was a classic because it was the first time he'd thrown out some of those classic lines. I can still hear him now:


'Hey boy, I'm up here with your parents'


'Ur, what? Why don't you put your false teeth in backwards and eat yourself to death?'

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