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  1. Smackdown Discussion Thread I thought seeing as we had a Raw discussion thread, we might as well have a Smackdown one. I know its treated as a B show and some matches are repeated on Raw the following Monday. But we have had some good episodes and some gems of matches like Ryback vs Daniel Bryan. As far as this week's Smackdown went, it was quite enjoyable. I liked the match between Orton vs RVD and I couldn't help but remember when Orton punted RVD out of the WWE with that concussion angle. It does seem that WWE has and probably no-one is bothered. Speaking of angles WWE have forgotten about, how Kofi was taken out by Ryback but is now fueding with Fandango. I would have thought they would have gone with the Ryback fued as it would have been logical. I liked Brock's promo that he was reading off the autocue. Also the new briefcase with Sandow looks good and I doubt he will be cashing in soon, as they have gone to the trouble of making him a special briefcase. Even though the Christian vs Del Rio match was good, it seems the creative department don't know how to book this one. We have two matches between them already and I still don't believe Christian will win nor should he.
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