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NEW Weekly Wrestling Magazine TV Show


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Please read this, share and tell as many people as you can!


Next week sees the launch of Sports Tonight TV's new pro wrestling magazine show.

Hosted by stand-up comedian and lifelong wrestling fan Jim Smallman (http://jimsmallman.com/), with wrestling journalists alongside providing expert analysis, it's a chance for viewers to interact either by Twitter (follow @sportstonighttv and @jimsmallman) or by video call via Skype.


Jim and guests will be reviewing the week's happenings in WWE, TNA and ROH; looking at any relevant news coming out of the US indy scene; and every week, upcoming UK shows will be given a spotlight. In addition, Jim will be talking to pro wrestlers both in Europe and the US, and there'll be an extended spotlight section for a top British star.


PROMOTERS: please get in touch with the show's producer Martin Hines (martin.hines@sportstonightlive.com) to let him know about shows you've got coming up in the next 4 weeks. The earlier you get in touch, the more chance it has of being featured... and if you've got decent-quality video (in-ring or hype) that you can send to be played out on the air, even better. This is a weekly show, so if you don't have anything coming up within the next month, please don't send anything just yet.


Any questions please feel free to contact Martin at the email address above, or associate producer Jon Briley via progresswrestling@gmail.com.



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Nah. Sports Tonight Live is pretty good. It's like a Sky Sports News/Pardon the Interruption hybrid. The closest thing I suppose I could compare it to is a TV version of 6-0-6, and a Wrestling version of that would be good fun.

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Bluetonic on this forum works for Sports Tonight Live. Well, at least did. My Skype didn't work when I was invited on to a Rugby show and so had to take part over the phone and made a Grade A prick of myself.

Isn't Bluetonic the Martin mentioned in the OP? Hence why Mikey keeps calling "Trevor" "Martin". I think so anyway. I'll check this out by the way, good luck with the venture.

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