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  1. Chris Brooker

    The FutureShock Wrestling Thread

    "Dream match!" "Sleeper hit!" "A knockout!" Literally some of these things have been said about Big Joe's bout with Sugar Dunkerton at Tapped III: Tapped Hard With A Vengeance this past Wednesday.
  2. Chris Brooker

    Who would you turn for?

    I've said it many times... There are two types of people in this world. 1. Those that want to fuck Finn Balor. 2. Finn Balor
  3. Chris Brooker

    The FutureShock Wrestling Thread

    Results from FutureShock Tapped III last night... Sugar Dunkerton pinned Big Joe W/Thomas Wolfe after Joe fell, erm, short on a top rope splash. FutureShock Women's Champion Lana Austin and Hollie fought to a no-contest when Taonga and Alexis Falcon interfered. Initially they'd tried to help Hollie win but she refused their help. FutureShock Heavyweight Champion Crater defeated Carl Stocks, Philip Michael and Tom Thelwell in a handicap match. After the match Crater tried to further punish his opponents only to be speared by Henry T. Grodd. James Drake and Sam Bailey (Substituting for Zack Gibson who was not medically cleared to compete.) defeated the Young Guns by pinfall after Gibson's interference. FutureShock Adrenaline Champion Joey Hayes and C.J. Banks no time limit bout ended in a double pinfall. With no clear winner they will both face Chris Ridgeway at Underground 31 in a triple threat championship match. Banks attacked the referee as well as Hayes after the match. Callum Corrie pinned J.J. Webb after a fast paced, action packed bout. After the bell Webb snapped, smashed Corrie's knee into the ring post and left to a chorus of boos. It was announced that Tapped IV on April 3rd would feature the return of LOTTO THUNDER, the one night tournament where the FutureShock Faithful make the matches. The first entrant was also revealed... Making his FutureShock debut... The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan! In the main event John McGregor scored one of the biggest wins of his career to date over former FutureShock Champion Ashton Smith with a pop-up DDT. A hard fought match that split the Faithful's support, this could so easily have gone the other way. After the match Ashton took the mic, looked his opponent in the eyes and said "You are NOT ready for Crater."