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New wrestling figures!

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Just a random update. I posted on here about the daft little Hasbro custom tournament I set up on twitter. I sent 8 knackered and smashed up Hasbro figures to 8 customisers from several countries. 

You know that wonderfuly "Toys that Made Us" series on Netflix? They announced as the San Diego Comic Con that they'll be doing a wrestling episode on the next season. Cant wait for that.

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I might get this:


Good to see he's back on good terms with WWE as well. They've written him out of history since about 2003. No doubt when the Boss Man does die, they'll pal up to him an whore his legacy out like they did with Savage.

boss man has been dead a while now

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Also, nobody has mentioned that Rockers set yet- that looks fantastic.

Everyone mentioned it first time it showed up, about eighteen months ago. The Legends figures have completely flopped, so Toys R Us told them they didn't want any more and it's still not been released. Will be for sale on Mattel's website in November now.

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