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Rick Rude Appreciation thread


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Rick Rude Appreciation thread


Here's a thread in the same style as the Boss Man and Davey Boy ones. Ravishing Rick Rude was a massive favourite of mine. I’m 70% sure my Mam and Dad thought the road to homosexuality was a path I was destined to go down when they saw me drawing pictures of the Ravishing One in my jotter. But thankfully (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I turned out ‘all right’ in the end, and the only thing I was wanking over when Rick Rude was on TV was the time he bruised Francine’s arse with those legendary slaps of his. I wasn’t even one of those smart arses as a kid who loved the heels. I remember cheering Beefcake against Mr. Perfect and liking Andre because he punched Bobby Heenan and threw Haku out of those little ring carts at WrestleMania VI. I was mostly pro babyface as a young lad, as I‘m sure most of us were. Even when Randy Savage was a heel, I hated him. But Rick Rude was a different story altogether. He was funny. He seemed to do everything with a grim. For me, he was straight out of a Blackadder sketch. He seemed to be having a laugh in there as well, as those interviews before his matches showed.


He was a legendary hardcase was well. Well known for giving good hidings out to those who fancied there chances. A good story is when he was a bouncer and he turned up with a seperated shoulder. Legend has it, he ended up slapping one bloke so hard he knocked him clean out. Another tail on Rude's hardman status, was a story Kevin Nash tells of a gang of lads drove infront of a car with Nash, Rude and Dan Spivy in it. All three big lads, so Spivy and Nash werent ones to shy away. But Rude got out first and dropped several of them before Nash and Spivy got their seat belts off.


He had a fairly eventful career before he turned up in the WWF. He held a few titles up and down the territories in battles over who had the superior facial hair with Billy Jack Haynes. But the story that I most fondly remember hearing about the pre-WWF Rick Rude, was that he had a valet who was his legit girlfriend at the time. Jim Neidhart says everyone fancied her, so at the television tapings as a practical joke which I believe Jeremy Beadle wishes he’d thought of, Rude used to take her into the next room and shag her as the other lads had a look through the door. Rude never took the cigarette out of his mouth as he was smashing her either, which adds to his Ultimate Male status.


Rude’s next destination was obviously the World Wrestling Federation, where he became a house hold name and immortalised in pop culture in video games and figures and Youtube comments which usually go along the lines of “thumbs up if Cena’s a faggot and Rick Rude is better :)” and “Justin Beiber would do Rude’s theme song if he was in WWE now lol”. The winner of the first and only ever Jesse The Body Award, Rude had some famous feuds. Jake Roberts were one of the first. Lead to the ring by Bobby The Brain Heenan, Rude would usually bring women into the ring and land one on their lips as Heenan provided live commentary on whether her knickers were a light soaking or whether it was slightly matted. So when Rick tried his luck with the wife of everyones favourite Snake handler, it fuelled a red hot feud which lead to some hot angles such as Cheryl Roberts face adorning our man’s spandex and the time Jake pulled off the very same trunks leading us to believe Rude had his cock out in front of the young crowd. Times were simpler back then.


Being in the WWF gave you many a perks. He had the Hasbro which you needed if you were a name. Admittedly, you could do fuck all with it. You couldnt brawl because the arms were so shit. It was great for giving someone the Rude Awakening. Unless it was his most famous opponent, the Warrior, because his massive plastic hair wouldnt fit in.



He was in one of the first WWF wrestlers to be put into a Nintendo game as well. Not only did the game have a brilliant midi-file version of Rude's theme, but it was also the debut of his short hair. Many months before he got his hair cut short in real life. Maybe the game gave him the idea. Maybe he was so dedicated to his craft he decided to update his look as to sell more units. Or maybe the game was so shit it couldnt get his curly perm. Whatever the case Rude was always a favourite on it.



He was also on the cover of the most mental magazine cover ever. Even I wouldnt have bought a wrestling magazine with the words "Who's the Sexiest Wrestler" on the cover. And what the fucks Hogan doing on it? Mind you for

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atlantic city sweathogs...............one of the all time greats rick rude. you can tell with rude and macho man that jesse the body genuinally loved watching them wrestle. great look, great voice, great tights. the way a superstar is supposed to look like. excellent thread and pics. he also did piss all over the warrior in that posedown.

i remember watching a nitro where rude was in hennigs corner and larry the axe was siting front. rude and hennig absoloutly brutalised some jobber.

they geniunally so not make then like that anymore - in wrestling anyway.

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Great stuff. I reckon you might have omitted my personal favourite Rude anecdote thinking everyone's heard it already (it was printed in PS after all) but here for the unenlightened is the true measure of Triple R :


Rude was in a bar with some of the other lads while injured and had his right arm incapicitated in a sling. Some tosser decided he'd get shirty with Rude - I forget why, argument about a girl, just generally an arsehole - given that with his arm in that state, it would be an easy fight and he could say "I beat up a WWF wrestler." So Rude knocks him out with a single left-handed slap.


A slap. With his left hand, in the condition he was in. KO.

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Is Rick Rude's town of Robbinsdale perhaps the biggest hotspot for wrestling talent in history? For such a small area, this is who's come out of there:-


Rick Rude,

Curt Hennig,

Barry Darsow,

Nikita Koloff,

Tom Zenk,

John Nord,

Verne Gagne,

Greg Gagne,

Mean Gene,

Bam Neely,

Brady Boone.

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