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Scott Hall isnt dead, but his son is now a WRESTLER!~


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Cody Hall (Scott's son) is now training to be a wrestler. He's in the capable hands of Mister Saint Laurant, Meat, Parts Unknown, Santana, Lazza Z, X-Pac and The Bad Guy himself at the I Believe in Wrestling training school. And I'm sure you'll all agree he couldnt be in better hands than this lot. He made an appearance at Scott's regular gig with Meat and the boys. A jam packed crowd turned out mostly dressed as chairs. Larry Zbysko was sitting at a table doing a Simon Cowell gimmick where he nodded in approval at anything he liked on the show. They paid him his travel and his gimmick money for this. Here's pictures of the great event, which has knocked CM Punk off the top of the news sitez!~ Scott looks terrible, but better than he did before. Which is a bonus. Cody Hall is a giant! Get him down FCW.







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Looks like just grey roots to me. Hall can't go bald, nor Nash, the World would come to an end.


I can't believe Hall let his son go out there and wrestle in crappy, normal clothes. Shoulda spend some cash on a half-decent look for the bloke. Hell, black tights/boots, an nWo Tee and a toothpick would have done.

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