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The Thing Mafia Game

Chris B

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The more the merrier. I'll design this game based around the amount of people that sign up. It will probably kick off next monday, if that's feasible.


If you haven't played before, you probably won't be at much of a disadvantage with this one. The basic set up is simple. Some of your other players are trying to kill you. You don't know who they are. You need to try and work it out, and get a majority vote to kill them. Unless, of course...you are one of them. If you are, you need to blend in, and avoid getting killed.


The game is split into day phases and night phases. Some players will have extra abilities. During the night phase, they tell me what they want to do with them. They get the results at the start of the day phase. During the day phases, everyone talks in here and tries to work out who they should kill.


It may sound complicated, but it's honestly quite simple. That, however, doesn't make it easy.


There's a setting as well, which is all part of the fun. If you haven't seen John Carpenter's classic movie 'The Thing', don't worry - you probably won't gain much advantage by doing so. However, it's a great, great movie, so I recommend it highly.


Any questions, put 'em here. Also, please sign up below. Anyone that hasn't tried this before, you're more than welcome to join in.

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1 - Carbomb

2 - Chris Stone

3 - Dazz

4 - Swiftstrike

5 - Kenny McBride





Add yourself to the list, if you're joining in. Sign up will run for a few days yet. This is already looking like it'll have a fun group.

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Aye enough of the 'if he plays i wont' from either side plx plx :) You're both good players who make the game stronger in your own ways :)


As for those talking of Day 1 practise: Isn't that the easiest day!? I don't think i've ever been lynched though, so i guess it's just the bit i'm ok at :p


And Kenny: I'll never allow you to have day 2 practice :D

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