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Favourite live performances


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I'm a big fan of live versions of songs - when they're done well they can add so much to a studio version.


My two favourites at the minute:


Springsteen - Racing in the Street - from Hyde Park, 2009. I just find this to be absolutely amazing, especially the outro which just blows me away. Pure musical power.


- Live in London, 1996. This song conjures up memories about love and loss, and not necessarily my own experiences. Can bring a tear to my eye this little number.


Anyone got any performances to share? A Youtube would be good too. :thumbsup:

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i started a thread like this awhile ago and it fell flat, hopefully this one will fair better!!



will always add that one, great early tv performance by Counting Crows, i'm a big fan of theirs (especially in this era) and that video is awesome, makes the hairs on my neck stand up every time i watch it.

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i started a thread like this awhile ago and it fell flat, hopefully this one will fair better!!



will always add that one, great early tv performance by Counting Crows, i'm a big fan of theirs (especially in this era) and that video is awesome, makes the hairs on my neck stand up every time i watch it.


Counting Crows were pretty much the soundtrack to my college years, back when I needed a lot of angst in my music & films. Their last album was a cracker too.

This is my favourite Gaslight clip, just Brian playing American Slang. Not the most technical performance but you can tell he means every word



Also, Public Enemy & Anthrax looking like they're having more fun than the audience -

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i find Counting Crows to be a frustrating live band on video, in person it's probably good but the improvised style they adopt live doesn't always carry great onto video i don't feel, it's a bit hit and miss, but when they nail something it's awesome.

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Enjoying the Gaslight Anthem love on here, been my favourite band for around three years now. Anyway, here are some of my favourite performances:




I was looking for the Hammersmith 1975 edition of this, but it's not available in our country anymore. This is still a belter though.
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The love for Springsteen here fills me with joy. Going to have to watch all these videos again now. I was at that Hyde Park gig, and Jungleland was the first song that came to mind when I saw this thread. Being there for that sax solo was just ... transcendent is probably the word. Felt like an out of body experience.


May I add, from the same gig:

'Out In The Street' - absolutely joyous. I managed to get hold of a bootleg of the gig shortly afterwards, and the following summer was a pretty tough one personally. Listening to this performance was a major help in getting me through it. The HUGE pop Clarence Clemons gets after his line is a thing of beauty.


'Youngstown' - mainly for Nils Lofgren towards the end. Guy's a phenomenon; he was similarly breathtaking performing 'Because the Night' at Old Trafford in '08. Springsteen's vocals are so powerful here, but it's Lofgren that makes it. It just builds and builds and then explodes into something absolutely sublime.


I fucking love Springsteen.



Most of my favourite live performances are from gigs I was at, rather than gigs I've seen on DVD/whatever, and very few of them have been released afterwards, so I'll not include them here. A mention has to go out to 'Comfortably Numb' from the recent The Wall tour that Roger Waters did. It's the best live performance of any song I've ever seen. 'Jaw-dropping' is an adjective that's generally used for something amazing, but during that solo, my jaw genuinely dropped in astonishment. It was indescribably spectacular. Perfection, basically.


So with that in mind, things from DVDs and the like:


Aerosmith - 'Rats in the Cellar' - 'Rocks' is one of the best rock albums ever, and 'Rats' is one of the best songs on it, and this performance is fucking brilliant. Aerosmith haven't played this either time I've seen them, but I loved this from the 'You Gotta Move' DVD. They'd lost it a bit last year at the O2, but this shows just how together they can all be as a band. (incidentally, their performance of 'Dream On' from Hyde Park in 2007 is another personal favourite. The moment when Steven Tyler does the famous 'dream oooooooooooon' scream at the end of the walkway, as his image on the screens burst into flame and transformed into a phoenix... I could easily have passed out in a fit of pure happiness. Pure ego stroking on Tyler's part, but by god it was fantastic)


- I could pick anything from 'Live at the El Mocambo' - 'Lenny' is another cracker - but if you ever need to show anyone what SRV was about and how bloody good he was, this'd do it.


- The best version's the one that appeared on the Greatest Hits they released in 2003/4 - those solos at the end! YES!


- I will forever maintain 'Cowboy Song' is one of the best Lizzy songs, this is a great version, and when it hits that last note and goes into... well ... yeah. Love it.


Fun thread.

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Cool thread, I have a ton of concerts I go to when I'm bored or waiting for something. To be honest I should warn you there is more than likely some NOT SAFE FOR WORK language in most of these videos.


Just Awesome


DOWN - Lifer - Download 09

At the time I'd been getting into Pantera in a BIG way (yeah I know I'm late) and watched the stream to check Down out for the first time. Cracking stuff, it did enough to get me into Down in a BIG way to..


Faith No More - Reunited - Download 09

Faith No More - Real Thing - Download 09

Love the whole set but the start especially when they go from Reunited to Real Thing gives me chills whenever I watch it.


Because its Bungle


I've had this entire show in HD on my Sky+ for around a year now. Its fantastic. Really got me into the Invaders album.


Slipknot - Spit It Out - Rock am Ring 09

Also had the entire set on my Sky+ in HD for around a year.


WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK - Rammstein - Buck Dich - Family Values Tour 98

Big Ice Cube and Korn fan back in my teens. The Family Values VHS was played hard back in those days and it still gets the on play on DVD every now and again. Say what you will about Limp Bizkit but when they are on form live they tear the place down. Also it would be rude not to post the notorious Rammstein part of the video. I seem to remember the UK metal magazines being all in a tither about it.


Get S&M on a decent stereo and crank it up. Its quite the spectacle.


Metallica - Last Caress - So What - MTV Europe Awards 96

This one tickles me. Apparently the story goes Metallica were supposed to play King Nothing but changed there minds when they were asked to cut down the song and censor certain words. Pretty funny. This certainly is NOT SAFE FOR WORK in the language stakes.


Tenacious D - The Metal - The Complete Master Works 2

I have this one on Blu ray and its pretty entertaining if you enjoy there shtick. The documentary that accompanies the concert is pretty cool to. It basically follows them through the tour and promoting the Pick of Destiny Movie. When the Movie bombs they don't take it so well.


Another of my Blu rays. Yeah sure its cheesy as hell but I'm all for it. This was the last concert that singer Tarja played with the band. Half an hour after the show they fired her via hand written letter. Its not quite up to WCW standards but comes close to a FedEx. The Blu also has a feature length doc which follows the band leading up to the concert. The fans were away going in that the band were planning to take a extended break after the concert hence its title so you get a ton of Emo girls in the crowd crying there silly little eyes out


WARNING EXTREME CHEESE! This was most probably the first concert video I ever saw. My Mum & Dad still have it on VHS. I suspect its the reason why I'm not adverse to a bit of cheese. Plus hey if its good enough for Chris Jericho its good enough for me. Until I read the word in his book I thought I was the only person that had ever heard them. Who doesn't love the whole package though. The hair, the Yellow and Black, The embarrassingly tight trousers.


Whilst we are on the subject of Christian rock the whole live CD Welcome to the Freak Show was a favourite when I was a teen. I've got the DVD now.


I remember 5 years or so ago getting this for Christmas from Santa. I'm not sure the rest of my family enjoyed being woken up by it at 6AM on Christmas morning by myself (more than likely still half cut from Chrimbo Eve). Truly a awesome DVD for any maiden fan.


Killswitch Engage - Fixation on Darkness - World Ablaze

If your a fan the DVD World Ablaze is a must have. Its a cracking production.


White Zombie - Supercharger Heaven - Bizzare Festival 95

I've found it really hard to find pro shot full concerts of Rob Zombie. This White Zombie set from 95 is the closest I've come to one. Cracking track that blew me away at the Rob Zombie Birmingham gig I went to earlier in the year


I'm hoping this will turn up on MTVHD sooner or later so I can SKY+ it in HD. Pretty cool concert. My first gig ever was Cypress Hill at the Brixton Academy in 98 (I think). It was before they started adding the live metal band and they were promoting IV at the time. Pretty cool to have seen them do it old school.

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Pink Floyd - Time [Earl's Court London, 1994]

Depeche Mode - Walking In My Shoes [Milan, 2006]


Great snapshot of the man at the peak of his powers. It's a great performance. Not everyones cup of tea but I love the high concept, pretentious blend of shock music and imagery.



The performance sounds very thin but the crowd bringing in the first few lines is absoloutely amazing.


It's Nine Inch Nails and Gary Numan, innit. I'd love if they would have done Scar or something like that from Sacrafice.

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