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One of my personal favorites is The Rock's pre Armageddon 2000 interview where he did impersonations of The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, HHH, Rikishi, and Stone Cold.


Has me in stitches every time.


Calls Rikishi a "thong wearing fatty" and also mocking Stone Cold "I'm gonna get a couple of Stevewisers, go to my pickup truck, listen to some Backstreet Boys"

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The Rock's interview about 'Little Rock', 'Little Angle' and 'Little Regal' was very funny from what I recall.


Also - great line, again courtesy of Mr Johnson:


'If The Rock hits you, he'll kill you. If he misses, the wind from the punch will give you pnuemonia and you'll die anyway!'.


Just a great line.


Oh, and, lest we forget......


'Im the British Bulldog, and I'm bizarre!!!'.


'He wants me to rub the moon on his belly!? Are you bloody mad!?'

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