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So The PSN Blackout.

The King Of Swing

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I heard nothing and I frequent those kind of circles where it would be big news.


I did notice it had the classic hallmarks of a DDOS and intrusion downtime, the blocking and shut down of the system is not something that happens with just a DDOS nor would it be a week with a new system, they'd have had it running alongside while testing it and brought it up during scheduled maintenance.


Wouldn't surprise me if someone has gone in to try and cause some damage and accomplished such.

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I would only have used it to download Dusty and Cody Rhodes for WWE All Stars so I can't say I've missed it that much - don't tend to play online that often anyway. I would have done for Red Dead but apparently I have the 'nat type' that means all I do is run around a vast empty landscape looking for someone, anyone else.


Is it a good idea to delete payment details once it's back then re-enter them, then?

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