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Larry Zybszko shoots on Jericho


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For anyone who is interested: Chris Jericho is actually taller than Larry Zybszko. I'm surprised Lazza hasnt called Chris Jericho old and bald as well. I still love him though. His out of the ring activities provide more entertainment that Jericho's does.


Here's the Larry portion of Jericho's book:

Even though the front office of the WWE didn’t feel the same way, I began dubbing myself “the Larger than Life Living Legend.” I’d been using the nickname for a few months and was getting some good mileage with it, when I got a call from my lawyer, John Taylor. John had been instrumental in getting me out of WCW in ’99, and he had since started working for the WWE. I was flabbergasted (kooky word) when he told me the purpose of his call: I was being sued by Larry Zbyszko.


Larry Zbyszko? I hadn’t heard his name in years, not since he was the single worst commentator in wrestling history. He would sit at the desk in WCW and talk in the most sarcastic, patronizing voice with the sole purpose of getting himself over, which was the exact opposite of what he was supposed to do. He would bash wrestlers for using high-flying moves and make fun of their costumes or hairstyles or body types or their taste in pistachio brands, whatever he could find to amuse himself. He didn’t do it in a froot Jesse Ventura heel-announcer way either, he did it in a smarmy way that down played the product. The only time he showed any emotion whatsoever was when he mentioned his golf game.


His biggest claim to fame was a great angle where he turned on his mentor, Bruno Sammartino, and began claiming that he, not Bruno, was the Living Legend. Now a quarter of a century later he was suing me, Vince, and the entire WWE for stealing his nickname, demanding restitution. Whatever his motive, it didn’t seem to concern Vince, as when I mentioned the lawsuit to him, he didn’t even know about it. Why would he? Larry’s claim was lame.


But even so, I still had to waste an entire day of my life giving a deposition in a room full of Zbyszko’s lawyers. It was quite outlandish as he had a whole team of them, like this was Roe v. Jericho. I had to sit there as his legal beagles asked me if I knew that Larry had received the rights to use the name Living Legend from beating Bruno in a match. I asked them if they knew that wrestling was show business and Larry beat Bruno because that’s how it was booked. Then they submitted a copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated which had an interview saying I was the true living legend in wrestling.


One of his lawyers said, “These magazines prove that you violated the trademark.”


I said, “You do realize that those magazines are semi-fictional? I wasn’t even interviewed for that article!”


The fact that Luscious Lawrence had submitted the fabricated magazines as evidence in the first place, made me want to countersue him for perjury, especially when it came out that he didn’t even have a trademark on the epithet. The whole suit was a bigger joke than Larryland, only succeeding in wasting my time and stopping the production of a really froot “Chris Jericho: Living Legend” T-shirt that was mere days away from hitting the stands. It was instead replaced with an awful-looking “Larger than Life” tee that ended up being my worst-selling shirt of all time.


What kind of a name is Zbyszko anyway?


Cant believe Larry brought in a issue of PWI as evidence in a lawsuit. Wrestlers from the 70s and 80s are officially the most mental people on the planet.

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I loved Larry Z in the Dangerous Alliance, but I fail to see how anyone gives a toss what he thinks or says about anyone or anything in 2011.


Anyone know if there is a decent Larry Zybszko drinking game knocking around? I'm still watching old Nitro and reckon "human game of chess" and pretty soon "new World odour" might be enough to get smashed on.

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I've never watched those two. Basically Worldwide (or at least the international version) was matches from Saturday Night, Thunder and Nitro but with Scott Hudson and The Z Man doing commentary over them. For some reason beyond my comprehension they would pretend it was all taking place on one night, despite the changes to the set as it went along. Sometimes they'd even show the same person wrestling on Thunder and then Nitro, and they'd talk about them wrestling twice on the same night. Truly baffling.

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