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What's your Watch?


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Yeah, I have a confession about that one Chesty - you were talking about getting that bad boy for your birthday/Christmas (I cant really remember which) and provided a link to show it off, and I nipped in there and nabbed it. So I'm slowly pinching my style from you and purplemonkey. I'm slowly going to merge the three of us into one person and have the perfect male.


So yeah, thanks for the tip!

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Never been one for Storm ones to be honest, just dont like some of the designs. As for the XL size dials, well i've been a fan of them ever since I saw Clarkson and co wearing them I wanted one.


Another good make IMO is Sekonda, always do nice classic designs.

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If I knew I was going to be spending that kind of money on time-telling, then I'd buy one or two really fucking nice watches a year.


They can't possibly get much wrist time each if you buy a new one every month??


I'm all for spending your money on whatever it is you enjoy, but I think you should then get good use out of it.



Although yes, you're right. As far as absurd hobbies and habits go, it's fairly safe. (But still mental).



That said, I've never understood the idea of collecting something for the sake of collecting, so I think there's just something in that mentality that I won't get that seems perfectly rational to a lot of people (who have varying degrees of obsessive compulsive disorder)

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I've been looking for a new watch recently and I've found a problem!


The watch I currently wear (the same Storm one that Legend Killer has posted in this thread) is very heavy. I've grown used to the weight, and all the watches I've been trying on feel too light. Even ones that look quite big and chunky just haven't felt right on my wrist.


I'm after something fairly large and chunky but not gaudy, and not overly busy on the face (so none of that stuff with 20 dials and whatnot).


Any recommendations?



(price range - would spend up to a couple hundred or so I guess)

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