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Great Wrestling Promo Transcripts *Spoilers*


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Few things i enjoy more than a great wrestling promo and the original thread (now in Gold) is one of my favourite ever threads on this forum. And you can find it here;


Great Wrestling Promo Transcripts


I don't think threads in Gold should be added to but find it a shame that, that thread isn't about any more as although many of the great promos are in there, i'm sure there's still plenty that aren't and it's good to be able to add any new ones that crop up or that anyone comes across watching old footage.


Much like the original thread, give credit if you've stolen transcripts from elsewhere and haven't typed it up yourself. Please try to avoid re-posting anything that's been posted in the 1st thread.


Here's an index to the promos in the original thread, handily put together by dopper, which will hopefully avoid any reposting.



Page 2 = talks about fighting the nWo, September 1996

Page 6 = talks about his spot in The Horsemen, 1997.



Page 10 = his entire acceptance speech when inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, 2004.



Page 8 = interrupting Bulldog vs Owen to form the new Hart Foundation, 1997

Page 11 = promo before his first WWF Title defence, against Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series 1992



Page 7 = promo from King of The Ring 1996



Page 13 = interrupting The Rock at his WWF debut, August 1999

Page 13 = Jericho talking about JBL costing him the WWE Title, December 2007



Page 2 = compares Raven to his father, ROH in 2003



Page 7 = ring introduction about threesomes he'd like to have, from ROH in 2005



Page 9 = promo before his ICW return.



Page 3 = promo about the Honky Tonk Man before their SummerSlam 1989 match

Page 6 = promo about Ted Dibiase and Thweet Thapphire at SummerSlam 1990



Page 5 = talks about Eric Bischoff and quits, WCW 1998

Page 8 = two promos building up his upcoming World Title match with Lesnar, February 2004



Page 6 = talks about Chris Hero from CZW



Page 3 = talks about Matt Hardy on RAW in August 2005



Page 11 = promo about Razor Ramon from In Your House 5, December 1995



Page 1 = turns heel at Bash at The Beach 1996

Page 5 = talks about doggy-paddling the Hulkamaniacs to safety at WrestleMania IV

Page 10 = the first ever "Preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order" thing from Nitro, 1996.

Page 11 = another nWo announcement from Nitro in 1996



Page 4 = introducing their new wrestler, who is dead.



Page 13 = announcement that Jake 'The Snake' Roberts would be banned from Survivor Series 1991



Page 1 = promo before match with Ted Dibiase at WrestleMania VI

Page 1 = promo from Survivor Series 1991 about Macho & Liz

Page 1 = promo before his match with Macho Man at Tuesday In Texas

Page 8 = promo before his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania VIII

Page 9 = promo after his match with Macho Man at Tuesday In Texas



Page 11 = promo from In Your House 5, December 1995.



Page 1 = promo about real legends and the nWo, from RAW 1997

Page 4 = promo on RAW about Icons and "Age In The Cage", October 1997

Page 11 = promo following Yokozuna's match with Lex Luger at WrestleMania X

Page 11 = promo from SummerSlam 1993 before Yokozuna's match with Lex Luger



Page 10 = turning heel on Raw in September 1996



Page 11 = promo with Lacey backstage at Ring Of Honor in February 2007



Page 3 = his first ring introduction in the ECW Arena for 5 years: June 2005



Page 10 = quitting WWE, from Raw in May 2006.



Page 9 = promo from ECW One Night Stand 2006

Page 11 = promo about Shawn Michaels on Raw in February 2007

Page 13 = face to face with Chris Jericho the day after costing him the WWE Title, December 2007



Page 6 = talks about Iraq, France, black people and Jesus.



Page 4 = gets in Edge's face on RAW, December 2005



Page 2 = Cactus Jack promo from ECW in 1995 about being softcore

Page 4 = Cactus Jack quits the WWF, RAW in April 1998

Page 6 = Mankind sit-down interview with J.R. on RAW in 1997

Page 6 = Mick Foley talks about Ric Flair on RAW in August 2006

Page 7 = Cactus Jack talks about siding with Dreamer in his feud with Sandman, ECW 1994

Page 13 = the day after Unforgiven in April 1998, calling out Vince McMahon



Page 8 = promo from ECW Guilty As Charged 2000, before his match with Spike Dudley



Page 3 = talks about ECW and returning to the Arena, June 2005

Page 12 = returning to ECW after spending a month in prison, March 1996

Page 13 = his views on the Benoit incident from a shoot interview



Page 1 = anti-WWF promo from RAW six days before Survivor Series 2001

Page 6 = blasts TNN from ECW Hardcore TV .... on TNN



Page 13 = sweary-mary promo from JCW BloodyMania, 2007.



Page 2 = promo from 1995 about drunks beating him up in childhood and as an adult

Page 7 = ring introduction from Sabu Tribute Show in December 2004

Page 10 = promo about Sandman, Stevie Richards & Terry Funk from before ECW Barely Legal

Page 12 = short promo about how he wanted to punish Tommy Dreamer for stealing Beulah, 1996

Page 12 = promo about Dreamer after returning to ECW, from Anarchy Rulz in September 1999



Page 6 = Talks about violence and being fellated by Jasmin St Clair, from Guilty As Charged 2001



Page 1 = promo after winning the WWF Title at Royal Rumble 1992

Page 2 = return to WCW on Nitro in September 1998

Page 2 = Speech from the final WCW Nitro in March 2001

Page 8 = questioning Carlito's commitment to wrestling, from Raw in Feb 2007



Page 7 = sings the 12 Days of Christmas to Test

Page 12 = The Rock in concert from Raw in March 2003



Page 6 = promo from a cell in Alcatraz, February 1997

Page 12 = promo questioning the Mountie's sexuality, before Royal Rumble in January 1992

Page 14 = promo with Chris Jericho on wrestlers from the past in the build-up to Wrestlemania XXV



Page 6 = calls out Taz. ECW in March 1997



Page 4 = post-match speech after winning the NWA Title, 1994

Page 6 = promo about Justin Credible before their match at CyberSlam '99

Page 11 = 'Dean' Douglas promo from In Your House 5, December 1995



Page 11 = poem about The Big Show before their last man standing match, 2001.



Page 3 = jokes with Maria about (The) Edge

Page 13 = the infamous "lost my smile" speech from February 1997



Page 2 = promo in ECW 1995 about being fired from WCW by Eric Bischoff

Page 5 = acceptance speech after winning King of The Ring 1996

Page 5 = talks to Sandman, Mikey & Woman about becoming ECW Champion, 1995

Page 5 = rants about the direction of WWF, "Byte This" March 2002.

Page 13 = promos from his feud with Kurt Angle in summer 2001.



Page 8 = buying Sweet Sapphire at SummerSlam 1990



Page 7 = he ain't wearin' no dress, from 1PW in 2006

Page 8 = promo on Jay Phoenix, from ICW in October 2006




Page 14 = Transcript from 'Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior' dvd on his unusual interview style featuring several other talking heads.



Page 13 = called out by Mick Foley in April 1998, motivates him.



Page 3 = Talks about Hulk Hogan at Bash At The Beach 2000



Page 3 = angry promo about Triple H, RAW 2004



Page 12 = promo about Hogan & Bischoff, after returning to the WWF in March 1998



Page 7 = why they don't let him talk, Hammerlock in 2006.



There's a few promos that i'd like to stick in here, i'll start with two that i enjoyed from the Summer of 2008. The first, i think is great if only for the very last line which is delivered tremendously and i feel reflects both guys characters and what their feud was really about perfectly.


[summerslam 2008- After numerous attacks to his eye from Chris Jericho, the future of Shawn Michaels' career is in doubt. Here, he comes out to the ring with his wife Rebecca to announce what his future holds.]



'First of all, i wanna come out here and thank everybody who has supported us through this difficult time. But, lets get right to it. I've recently had an appointment with my doctors for a re-evaluation of my eye and due to complications with my eye compounded with my knee surgeries and back surgery and countless other injuries i've had over my career. His recommendation to me, to us was for me to walk away'. [LOUD BOOS] 'Now ultimately, he said, it was my decision and after talking it over with my wife Rebecca and other family members we've decided for the first time in my professional career it is time for me to heed the doctors advice and walk away. I want you to know, that i have had a wonderful career and i regret nothing. I came here in 1988 and i can remember my first Summerslam. And from that Summerslam to this one, each and every one of you have given me the opportunity to be The HeartBreak Kid, to be The Headliner, The Main Event, The Icon, The Showstopper! And even Mr. Wrestlemania. I've also, heh, i've also been known for some other things. I'm known as the guy that screwed Bret Hart, i'm also the guy that formed DeGeneration X,' [LOUD CHEERS] 'I'm the man that innovated the Ladder Match, i'm also the guy that lost his smile and i'll forever be known as the man who retired Ric Flair. But i now have an opportunity to be known as something else. A full-time husband and a full-time Father.' [smattering of applause] 'Now, ultimately i know this is not going to be a popular decision but, i know it's the right one. So i wanna come out here and from the bottom of my heart i wanna thank...'


[Michaels gets cut off by Chris Jerichos music hitting and Jericho makes his way in to the ring getting face to face with Michaels]






'Excuse me!?'



'You heard exactly what i said, i said no. I'm not going to allow you to go out this way. I'm not going to allow you to take the eye injury i gave you and mix it in with all the other injuries and go out on your own terms, that's not going to happen. You are walking away from this business because of Chris Jericho and i want you to admit that to my face right now.'



'If you have even the slightest amount of human decency, you would get out of this ring, right now.'



'No, i'm not going anywhere until you admit to the world that the reason why you're walking away isn't because of your doctors orders or your family's influence, you're walking away because of what Chris Jericho did to you. You shall never forget that i'm the one who damaged your eye beyond repair and i want to hear you say it. You need to admit that to your wife, you need to go home and talk to your precious little children and tell them why Daddy can't go to work anymore and you need to admit it to yourself in you heart of hearts and most importantly you need to admit it to me because i deserve to hear it! I have earned the right to hear you say that i put you out. I want the last moment of your professional career to be you looking at me face to face, eye to eye and saying that Chris Jericho put you out for good. Because it doesn't matter, all of your accomplishments and all of your accolades, all the championships you've won and all the fans you made, because as of right now the epitaph for your professional life is going to read Shawn Michaels; the man who was forced to walk away from the wrestling business because of Chris Jericho.'



'Ok Chris, i'll admit it. I'll go home, i'll sit my wife down, i'll sit my kids down and i'll tell them that the reason Daddy can't wrestle any more is because of the actions of a vile, selfish, worthless human being. But i want you to do me a favour. I want you to go home, sit your wife down, your kids down, look them in the eye and tell them that Daddy will never, ever...be Shawn Michaels.'


[HBK chants start up. Michaels goes to leave with Rebecca but just as he does Jericho pulls HBK back throwing a punch, Michaels ducks causing Jericho's punch to connect with Rebecca]





Here's another from just a couple of weeks before.


'All week... all week i've been searching for some inner peace, i've been trying to find some inner peace. I mean, my marriage, it's going through a rough patch. But even more than that, even more than that in just over two weeks i will be stepping into Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker. I've watched all of the footage. It was probably a mistake, because i've seen all the cruelty, i've seen... i've seen the pain, i've seen the suffering, i've seen... The Undertaker. And all week, every time i close my eyes that's all i see. But tonight, tonight i'm finding some of that inner peace because i've surrounded myself with my instruments of destruction. I've surrounded myself with tables!, ladders! and chairs! And you see i know these better than anyone else, these are the things that helped me banish The Undertaker in the first place. And i've found the person, the one person that can, that can help me against The Undertaker, i've found that person. The person that will not only help me survive Hell in a Cell, that will help me THRIVE in Hell in a Cell. The person, that knows The Undertaker better than anyone else in history. That person, that person is my guest tonight on The Cutting Edge. That person? That person is... (Edge rushes outside to the announcers desk) 'MICK FOLEY! MICK FOLEY.' (Edge returns to the ring pleading Mick to join him) 'C'mon Mick please, please Mick come in here. C'mon Mick please, come on in the ring.'


Foley looks at J.R shrugging 'He said please. He did say please.' Mick leaves the announce table and heads to the ring.


'Mick, Mick thanks for coming on the show, thank you.'


'Hey, hey, you're welcome i think...i think you're welcome.'


'Ok, hear me out. I know we have a checkered past, i know we have history, we have a lot of it but, i'm a changed man. I've changed, i've changed and i know that you can look past our history. Because i know, i know that there's something that lingers inside you, something that eats away at you more than our past ever could. I see it. But, in case you've forgotten, i've taken the liberty of preparing something that can remind you. Take a look...' [Footage airs highlighting the Attitude era of 1998 and specifically the Undertaker vs Mankind, Hell in a Cell.] 'Mick that was 10 years ago and they haven't forgotten. That was ten years ago. But, Mick i know, i know that your body has felt that match like it was yesterday. Every waking second, every time you get out of bed, i know your body feels all of that, feels what The Undertaker put you through. And Mick, here's the amazing thing, even after all of the brutality, even after all that The Undertaker did to you, you walked away on your own. But Mick i saw you walk the day before that match and i've watched you try and walk properly everyday since that match and you can't do it! The Undertaker did that to you. Mick, i know it eats away at your heart, i know that fire burns inside you i see it in your eyes Mick. And Mick, Mick if you help me you could exorcise the demon of The Undertaker, you could get rid of all that pain inside your heart, the pain in your eyes, i see it. Mick if you help me against The Undertaker, maybe, maybe all of that, maybe it will all just wash away.'



'You bring up some great points, i never was the same after that Cell match with The Undertaker. And there's part of me Edge that would really like to help you, it's just that over the past several months, week in and week out, you've really hurt, you've hurt my credibility Edge. Because the one thing i have got going for me more than anything else is my word and my bond with these fans. And for weeks, for months, for years in both the words i've spoken and on the written page i've said it loud and i've said it long, Edge is the greatest superstar in the WWE, even when it hasn't been popular to say. The problem Edge is, unless our fans have a really, really long memory... they think you suck. Because they see an Edge week in and week out, who takes the shortcuts. They see an Edge week in and week out willing to play the numbers game, willing to rely on his fianc... oh, ho no... his wife. And so Edge i say, not only will i not help you, i can't help you. But i know the one person who can... Edge. Edge. You need to look inside your heart, your soul and inside your mind and find the Edge who made me say you were the greatest superstar in WWE. Remember The Edge who shattered through the glass ceiling when everyone else said it wouldn't be popular. You need to find that Edge. The Edge who took the letters T, L, C and made them mean something. The Edge who smelt his own flesh burning and didn't mind, because it reminded him of victory. You and I Edge, we engaged in the greatest hardcore match-up in Wrestlemania history, just two years ago. And you need to find that Edge, because if you do then, J.R and I will sit there at Summerslam and we will call and our fans around the country and around the world will bare witness to what i know can be the greatest, most exciting, innovative and violent match-up in WWE history. You need to find that Edge and bring him to Summerslam, because if that Cell door slams shut and The Undertaker stares face to face at this Edge, the white tuxedo wearing Edge, the loofa-sponge bathing Edge, the teeter-totter riding Edge, the down on his knees saying forgive me baby, i can't live, i won't live without your love Edge. You bring THAT EDGE to Summerslam and with God as my witness, with a body that remembers every fall ten years after the date, you bring this Edge and The Undertaker will TEAR YOU APART! AM I UNDERSTOOD!? ... Am i understood?'



'I...I understand.'


[Edge then proceeds to attack Mick Foley using the tables, ladders and chairs that surround them, while manically screaming 'I UNDERSTAND' throughout]

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Dusty Rhodes - Hard Times


Bob Caudle: Ladies and Gentleman you all know that Dusty Rhodes has been injured. Well tonight we wanna welcome back Dusty Rhodes for his first interview since his injury, here is the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Dusty, your fans welcome you back man.


Dusty Rhodes: First of all, I would like to thank the many, many fans throughout this country; That wrote cards and letters to Dusty Rhodes the American Dream while I was down. Secondly I wanna thank Jim Crockett Promotions for waiting and taking the time cos' I know how important it was, Starrcade '85 it is to the wrestling fans, it is to Jim Crockett Promotions. And Dusty Rhodes the American Dream with that wait, got what I wanted.


Ric Flair the World's Heavyweight Champion. I don't have to say a lot more to say how I feel about Ric Flair. NO RESPECT... NO HONOUR... There is no honour among thieves in the first place. He put HARD TIMES on Dusty Rhodes and his family. You don't know what Hard Times are Daddy. HARD TIMES... are when the textile workers in this country, are out of work, got 4-5 kids, can't pay there wages, can't buy the food. HARD TIMES... are when the auto workers are out of work and they tell 'em "Go Home". And HARD TIMEESS... is when a man has worked in a job... 30 YEARS, they give him a watch kick him the butt and go "Hey, a computer took your place daddy" that's Hard Times... That's Hard Times; And Ric Flair yout put Hard Times on this country taking Dusty Rhodes out. That's Hard Times.


And we all had hard times together, and I admit I don't look like the athlete of the day supposed to look. My belly's just a little big, my heinies just a little big. But brother, I'm bad and they know I'm bad. And there were two bad people. One were John Wayne and he's dead brother, and the other one's right here. Nature Boy Ric Flair, the World's Heavyweight Title... belongs to these people, imma gonna reach out, I want you at home to know, my hand is touching your hand, for this gathering of the biggest body of people in this country, in this universe, all over the world. Now... reaching out...because the love that was given to me and this time I will repay to now, because I will be the next World's Heavyweight Champion on this hard times blues. Dusty Rhodes Tour '85 and Ric Flair... Nature Boy... lemme leave you with this.


One way to hurt Ric Flair, is to take one thing he cherishes more than anything in the world. That's the World's Heavyweight Title. I'm gonna take it I'be been there twice. This time when I go take it daddy, I'm going take it for you, let's gather for it. Don't let me down now, cos I came back, for you... for that man up there who died 10-12 years ago and never got the opportunity, to see a real world's champion. And I'm proud to say thank god I have ya, and I love ya... LOVE YOU

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I'm not sure if there's another version of this floating around, so if there is then please excuse me and delete this.


The original thread which inspired me to do this one has to have been the greatest thing that the UKFF has produced - I was reading through it a few days ago and it's tremendous.


Please link videos where possible. Also, give credit where it's due if you've not written it yourself.


The Rock returns to Raw, 14.02.05.


"Now before The Rock gets into that...


Before we electrify, before we turn this out tonight... For those of you who don't know: The Rock has many nicknames: The Great One; The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment; The People's Champion.


But I wanna tell you something that's important to me right now. I need to take this moment, and I need to tell you something as Dwayne: It's been a long time since I've been back, seven years to be exact. But I wanna take this moment, in the middle of this ring, to tell you why I'm back. It's not because of the money, it's not to promote to movie; I am back in the middle of this ring because of you.


When I left, when I left the WWE seven years ago I dreamed big, and you guys dreamed big with me. You helped me accomplish my goals, accomplish my dreams because you never left my side.


And I wanna take this moment to tell you all here, you're live here, millions watching around the world. I wanna tell you 'Thank you', 'I love you', and it is because of you that I am back in this ring and that it is because of you, and I give you my word - I am never ever going away.


Simply put, ladies and gentleman, The Rock is back!


Now, The Rock is back because I wanted to do something unprecedented, something no man had ever done before: I wanted to host Wrestlemania. So it happened; The Rock called Vince McMahon and Vince McMahon said 'Rock, I know why you're calling - I know you know I need a host for Wrestlemania. Rock, there's only one man electrifying enough to host Wrestlemania; Rock, there's only one man that can captivate the world. Rock, that man can only be Justin Bieber.'


But I told Vince, I said 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hey, no. The Rock knows Justin, he's cool. Dig, dig the kid. Cool kid, but make no mistake about it, Vince - there is only one man capable enough to host Wrestlemania. That man is the jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising, step-off-the-break,-put-your-foot-on-the-gas, always-ready-to-whup-some-ass, The People's Champ, The Rock.'


The Rock is going to Wrestlemania; The Rock will host Wrestlemania. And at the drop of a dime, The Rock will Layeth the Smackdown at Wrestlemania. But, to who? That's the question. Could it be the WWE champion, The Miz? He's the one that goes around saying 'I'm The Miz, and I'm awesome. I'm awesome. I'm awesome.' I hear that all the time, 'I'm awesome.' Well, The Rock ain't no scientist but he pretty much knows that there's one formula and that's a fact - if you've gotta run around shooting your mouth off, telling everybody how awesome you are, it means you absolutely undoubtedly, unquestionably, one hundred percent, completely suck!


But there's one more man who The Rock wants to see - there's one more man The Rock is gonna see. And that man...


*Raw General Manager's message beeps.*

*Rock stops, looks around. Camera pans to Michael Cole, whom is sitting behind the announce desk laughing.*

*Cole, steps up, grabbing a microphone.*


Michael Cole: "Can I have you attention, please?... I have just received an email from the anonymous Raw general manager."


Rock: Woah, woah, woah, woah woah, woah, woah, woah, woooah..


Michael Cole, if you take one more step towards that computer, I will get out of here and slap the taste so far outta your mouth you'll never get it back. Shut up. Michael Cole, you actually think that The Rock is just gonna let you walk over to that computer and interrupt him when he is live on Raw, is that what you think? You actually think that any of us give a damn what your general manager has to say? Michael Cole, is that what you think?


Michael Cole: "I tell you what I think. I..."


Rock: It doesn't matter what you think! Now what you do, Michael Cole, is you sit your ass down at that announcing booth, you take off your headset, and you don't say a word. And I quote - You know your damn role and shut your damn mouth. Because if you don't, The Rock will have some pretty cool Facebook pictures to post on his Facebook tonight. Does anyone here want to contribute to The Rock's Facebook tonight?


*Video misses a bit here, please let me know what's missing*


The picture you're gonna get is The Rock shining it up real nice, turning that sum-bitch sideways and sticking it straight up Michael Cole's candy ass! Now sit down, you look like a drunk hobbit, sit your ass down.


There is one man who The Rock is gonna see. There is one man who The Rock has to see face-to-face. A guy who I've met, a guy who I thought was a cool guy, wished him well, happy for his success; when The Rock leaves, he comes in and out of the blue, eventually he starts talking trash about The Rock. I don't know why and I don't care, but I'm back now. You might have heard of him, his name is John Cena.


So let me get this straight - The WWE has gone from the powerful Austin 3:16, to the dominant and iconic 'Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'?' All the way to 'You can't see me'. You can't see me. You can't see me, what are you playing, peek-a-boo? You can't see me. I can see you. You can't... Can you see me? Well, believe me, we all can see you. We all can see you. A blindfolded, sleeping, stuck-in-the-basement, Stevie Wonder can see your monkey ass! How the hell do you think we could miss? You come out here in your bright ass purple shirt. And before that your bright green shirt, and before that your bright orange shirt; you run around here looking like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles.


John Cena, The Rock will see you at Wrestlemania. Just like The Rock will see The Miz at Wrestlemania. Just like he will see everyone at Wrestlemania. And just as sure as The Rock, just as sure as The Rock turns Wrestlemania into the most epic Wrestlemania of all time. And just as sure as anything can, and will happen at Wrestlemania. And just as sure as every day John Cena walks out here looking like he just got shot out of Barney the dinosaur's anus, is just as sure as The Rock guaran-damn-tees three things: At this Wrestlemania, the Rock guaran-damn-tees to show the world that he is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment; The Rock guaran-damn-tees at the drop of a dime, just like that, to layeth the Smackethdown on all their candy asses. And the last thing, and most important: The Rock, and the millions... No, no, no, no, no, no... that's not good enough. No, no, no, no, no. The Rock and the millions and... No, no, no, no, no... that's still not good enough. The Rock is the people's champ. You are the backbone of The Rock. When we speak our voices are heard. We all say bringeth Anaheim, the world is watching; Anaheim the world is listening, one more time - When The Rock and the millions *And Millions* of The Rock's fans go to Wrestlemania and electrify Wrestlemania and the world like no one else can... If you smell-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l what The Rock *Is Cooking*




Is cooking?


* Music hits *

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It's Wrestlemania season and both of these fellas are back on WWE TV for a bit so lets have a bit of a Wrestlemania Season Recall with them...



Jim Ross is sitting in the locker room ready to conduct an interview with the two men either side of him, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.



Certainly notwithstanding the recent physicality between you two gentlemen, i want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here and thank you in advance for you professionalism during this interview. We're here to talk about Wrestlemania. We're here to talk about The Rock defending the WWF title against Stone Cold Steve Austin at The Reliant AstroDome on Sunday, April the 1st. But before we do, Rock tonight you have a heck of a tall order ahead of you because you're in a handicap match, against two men, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, as ordered by Commissioner Regal. Now Steve, i don't know how much stroke i have with the Commissioner these days but would you be willing to step up and be The Rocks tag team partner tonight...'





Woah, woah J.R. You don't have to ask Stone Cold that. You should ask me that. I don't need a partner, i don't want a partner. And at this point in time you'd (Austin) be the last guy i'd ever want as a tag team partner.'



'You gonna answer all my questions? Did you ask me the question?'



'Yes i did.'



'You gonna answer all my questions!?'



'Well, perhaps i should have asked The Rock a question so... obviously it wasn't a good question and that's my responsibility. Uh...Wrestlemania, April 1st. Without a doubt this is the most eagerly anticipated Main Event in Wrestlemania history. This certainly could be the biggest Wrestlemania in World Wrestling Federation history as well. What does, Rock, the WWF Championship, as a professional, what does it mean to you being the WWF Champion, what does that title mean to you?'



'Well, being the WWF Champion solidifies the fact that you are at the mountain-top, solidifies the fact that you've grabbed that brass ring and it's something i've worked very hard for my entire life, because i grew up in the industry, that's the reason why i'm here in the WWF. So being the WWF Champion solidifies the fact that i'm the absolute best.'



'Steve, on Smackdown last week, you spoke of this hellacious journey personally for you back. Have you changed your thoughts about what this match means in the last seven days since we talked about it?'



'Naw, i ain't changed a damn thing about what i thought. It means Stone Cold Steve Austin is back and stop talking about it, the journeys over, it's Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock for The World Wrestling Federation Title, that's what it is.'



'It certainly seems to me and certainly not degrading The WWF Title, because that's it, anybody who passes through the doors of the WWF, as you have said Steve, should be here for one thing and one thing only and that's to become the WWF Champion. But, it seems to me that thanks to Mr. McMahon assigning Stone Colds wife Debra as The Rocks manager that, that has heightened to me, the personal animosity, the personal issue between the two of you.'



'Well, it's heightened a lot of things, it's heightened the animosity, professional as well as personal. The fact of the matter is this, i never asked for Debra to be my manager, never wanted Debra to be my manager, and i'll go on record as saying i have no problem with Debra personally or professionally for that matter. But the fact of the matter is this, is that she's not my responsibility. She's not my wife. She's your wife.'



'Let me go on record as saying, i don't like the fact that my wife is your manager. Because there's a conflict of interest there. Uh, if she's supposed to be your manager and i'm wrestling you for the World Wrestling Federation Championship at Wrestlemania, yeah that's a problem. That's a big problem. But i expect that my wife should have a career and all, more power to her. I'm getting a little worked up here, i'm just gonna try and settle down but i'll tell you right now i don't like the tone of your voice when you mention my name or my wife. You might want to take a little bass out of your voice.'



'Well, i might not...'



'I'm gonna go a catch you off here, let's just go ahead and take Debra out of the equation, BAM she's non-factor. The fact is Rock, you got the WWF Title and i want it. Can we change the scenario? No. Let's don't even worry about that. Just don't even go there. You got what i want. Enough said about that.'



'People are wondering....this...this animosity, do you...do you hate each other? Personally what do you think of this man, he is The Champion, personally, as a human being?'


'Personally, what do i think about The Rock?'






'He's probably a wonderful human being and a credit to the human race in a lot of peoples views but in my opinion, i couldn't care less about The Rock, personally.'



'Your thoughts on Stone Cold, as a human being, Rock?'



'Y'know....it's no mystery. There's no mystery how i feel about Stone Cold, there's no mystery how Stone Cold feels about The Rock we've gone from good to bad, bad to good, done it all, across the whole spectrum. Fact of the matter is this, is professionally i've earned his respect, professionally he's earned mine. And when we get in that ring together he brings out the best in The Rock, The Rock brings out the best in Stone Cold, no question. Personally ...personally i don't like him.'



'I don't, i don't think we need to let this degenerate...'



'I'm trying to be a pro here, right?' Well that ain't gonna last much longer you keep sassing me.'



'Well, let's focus back on Wrestlemania, there's...'



'How comes you never asked what the belt meant to me!?'



'Alright, good question.'



'You say what it's like to be back at Wrestlemania, ask me what the belt meant to me'



'Ok, well what does it...'



'I'll paraphrase everything he said, it means i'm the number one bad motherf***er in the industry, bottom line. That's my opinion of what the belt means to me. I just thought you should ask me the question too. A little one sided here if you ask me.'



'Well, alright i'll ask you another question if you don't mind and that question is, as the challenger, the onus is going to be on you, in The AstroDome at Wrestlemania because we're looking at one fall, 60 minute time limit, he's The WWF Champion, he doesn't have to beat you, but you damn sure gotta beat him. Strategically, does that change game plans, mind-set or is it still...full speed ahead?'



'It's full speed ahead beacasue when i get in there with The Rockm in The AstroDome, 65,000 screaming fans watching every single move that happens in that ring, yeah i gotta beat that man, i've never wrestled an hour in my life but if that's what it takes to get the job done, that's exactly what i'll do. My strategy is to go in there and do whatever it takes to beat The Rock, one two three, to become The World Wrestling Federation Champion.'



'Rock, without revealing your hand and your strategy, your mind-set as far your approach to this, as competitor to competitor...'



'Revealing my hand and my strategy? Y'know the fact of the matter is this you brought up a very good point Jim Ross, is that The Rock doesn't have to beat Stone Cold but, Stone Cold has to beat The Rock. But as far as i'm concerned the belt is dangling and we're both going for it. So i got one reason and one reason only to be going inside that ring and that's to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin. It's just that simple. What, i'm just going to go in there and back-off just because i'm the champion?'



'Well i'm glad you've said that because i don't want you to be on defence the whole match. Yeah, i appreciate the fact that you want to beat Stone Cold as much as i NEED to beat you. Because i don't want you on defence all night long. I appreciate the fact that you wanna whip my ass. It ain't gonna happen but i appreciate your mentality. '



'Oh, well i'm glad you appreciate my mentality. I'm glad you appreciate the fact that i wanna whip your ass so much. Let's see how much you appreciate it on April 1st, see how much you appreciate it then.'



'Y'know what you got that little t-shirt that says Just Bring It on the front of it? Well that night, when you're looking up at the lights, that little t-shirt that says Just Bring It, well you will know that Stone Cold just brought of it.'



'Yeah, well you got little t-shirt right there too, Austin 3:16, Austin 3:16 says i just whipped your ass. Huh? Right? Well i say Just Bring It, you say I just whipped your ass. So on April 1st why don't you come and just try and whip The Rocks ass.'



'Obviously the emotion and i understand the emotion because of what's at stake and what's at stake is The WWF Title at Wrestlemania but in closing this interview and again i appreciate the professionalism, i know it's not easy. Any closing remarks Rock, as the Champion to the Challenger?'



'Yeah, we can talk about 1 fall, 2 falls, 60 minutes, 60 days, talk about Debra being my manager, who's responsibility it is, it's his wife, it's this that's happening, it doesn't matter! The only thing that matters is April 1st, Wrestlemania 17, the biggest of all time, The Rock and Austin, THE BIGGEST OF ALL TIME! The fact of the matter is this, is i will give you every drop of sweat, every drop of blood, every ounce of energy i have. Win, lose or draw you are going to get the absolute best of The Rock at Wrestlemania. There's a reason why they call me The Rock, there's a reason why they call me the most electrifying man the world has ever seen and all that and there's a reason why they call me the best, come April 1, two unstoppable forces will meet and all questions will be answered.'



'Steve, your final thoughts about this match?'



'Yeah. Without getting overly sentimental, i'll go on the record as saying every single time i've been in the ring with the Rock he has brought out the absolute best in Stone Cold Steve Austin. So when i roll in, to The AstroDome at Wrestlemania on April 1st...do i wanna beat you, on a personal level? Oh hell yeah, i do. But on a professional level which bleeds over into my personal existence, i NEED to beat you Rock, i need it more than anything you could ever imagine. So that's the mentality i roll into The AstroDome with, the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin is back and that i MUST beat The Rock to be the World Wrestling Federation Champion once again and there is no other way. There can be only one. There can be only one World Wrestling Federation Champion and that will be Rock, when it's all said and done, Stone Cold Steve Austin.


With all due respect.'



'Gentlemen, thank you very much for your time. And best of luck to both of you at Wrestlemania.'

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The feud between Arn Anderson and Ric Flair in 1995 produced some of the best promos of that decade as anyone who saw Fall Brawl '95 will confirm. Just great throwback stuff, particularly from 'Double A'. Here is a lesser known one I watched the other day and have just gotten round to transcribing for this thread.


WCW PRO (1995)


Chris Cruise:

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I've seen that "Hard Times" promo mentioned in two seperate threads today and I still don't see what's so amazing about it. Without patronizing me can someone explain why it's seen in such good light?

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I've seen that "Hard Times" promo mentioned in two seperate threads today and I still don't see what's so amazing about it. Without patronizing me can someone explain why it's seen in such good light?


It's the quintessential babyface interview, delievered with energy, passion, and direction. It's a master class on how to promo.

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I've seen that "Hard Times" promo mentioned in two seperate threads today and I still don't see what's so amazing about it. Without patronizing me can someone explain why it's seen in such good light?


Do you want me to run you through Blade Runner as well, while we're at it?

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I've seen that "Hard Times" promo mentioned in two seperate threads today and I still don't see what's so amazing about it. Without patronizing me can someone explain why it's seen in such good light?


Do you want me to run you through Blade Runner as well, while we're at it?


No. Blade Runner is dull enough to watch, never mind have it explained.

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I've seen that "Hard Times" promo mentioned in two seperate threads today and I still don't see what's so amazing about it. Without patronizing me can someone explain why it's seen in such good light?


Do you want me to run you through Blade Runner as well, while we're at it?


No. Blade Runner is dull enough to watch, never mind have it explained.


In some quarters you would be burnt at the stake for saying things like that!

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I've seen that "Hard Times" promo mentioned in two seperate threads today and I still don't see what's so amazing about it. Without patronizing me can someone explain why it's seen in such good light?


Do you want me to run you through Blade Runner as well, while we're at it?


No. Blade Runner is dull enough to watch, never mind have it explained.


In some quarters you would be burnt at the stake for saying things like that!


The Met Quarter?

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