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The 2010 UKFF UK50(+) - Results

Big Benny HG

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Thank you for all the hard work HG.


I think I voted Stone my #1 in both 08 & 09 and so the year I felt complacent with him and maybe under-rate him, he finally gets the top spot. A well deserved best british wrestler award for Mr Stone.

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I know this might come across sounding a bit arrogant, but any chance this could get moved into UKFF Gold for future reference, like the 2006 and 2007 editions? The 2008 and 2009 versions have now been lost, unfortunately.


Also, with the nomination process for the 2011 version due to start, as always, next month in June, what are people's thoughts on the way it should be carried out and presented this year?




Another shit list to go with it?


No shit list at all?


Separate shit list?



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