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The 2010 UKFF UK50(+) - Results

Big Benny HG

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If I were Ben, I'd just fuck the lot of us off right now for being a bunch of cunts.


Don't over react, unless I've missed something aren't some people just being impatient or questioning if its even still on (which isn't too unfair to be fair) in a perhaps poorly written way, and if he's not on here as he's busy he's not going to be affected by some ninny with no patients saying "Is this still on" or "when's the next up" or whatever.


Again, for those who get the wrong end of my stick, I'm in no rush and to be honest don't really mind if he finished it or not as its not the be all and end all of life. It would be nice but if he's busy or something then thats fair isn't it. I'm not hassling him or anything, I can however see both sides of reaction regardless of my own view.


i agree wholeheartedly with this guy. Maybe the way i said it wasnt appropriate, and im not impatient however ti would be nice to be told when the next lot are due. on ukff we all have a common interest that we want to do well, so why is there in fighting when there's enough people against wrestling and its fans as it is

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Yeah, but he got alot of abuse before that.

Abuse is a pretty strong word. All that really happened was it was suggested he should wait and see what UKHG was gonna do since only days earlier he'd expressed interest in doing it with help from Freaky and Stew, he very first post in thread contained something like "since no one else was interested in doing it". After that it was just people arguing amongst themselve about it until Benny himself entered the thread.


In hindsight UKHG clearly wasn't gonna get time to do it this year anyway, as such the arguement is redundent.

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Unfortunately for me I'm single so that rumour has no credit. No idea who this low ranking potential girlfriend is but I still have each and every vote saved on the computer for anyone to see. I'm more than happy to share as I wouldn't want it's legitimacy called into question.


I had computer issues during the womens poll and so it was postponed, but instead of having people get bitchy about how long it was taking or waiting for results I put the full list up when I found a quick few minutes. I did fully intend to do write-ups for each of them, but by the time I was back up and running all I saw was bitching about the fact there were none, and that I should've waited to do them individually so I'll be honest I just thought I can't do right for doing wrong so screw it. I now see from this thread that either way you do the final results people will be twats.


I fully support UKHG and he's proven reliable so if he says he'll do it when he can then he will.


(Also, I did actually message UKHG when the womens poll began to see if it's something he would like to do or happy me going ahead. Finally if any women on the Womens list would be interested in a skinny nerdy guy who loves wrestling then I'm right here!)

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50 Joseph Conners

49 Wolfgang

48 Red Lightning

47 Mohmed Ameen

46 Robbie X

45 Lion Kid

44 JD Knight

43 Noam Dar

42 Damien O'Connor

41 Danny Garnell

40 Keith Myatt

39 Danny Hope

38 Nathan Cruz

37 Valkabious

36 Robbie Dynamite

35 Sam Bailey

34 Scott Renwick

33 Mikey Whiplash

32 Derice Coffie

31 T-Bone

30 Sha Samuels

29 BT Gunn

28 Kid Fite

27 Paul Malen

26 James Mason

25 Mad Man Manson

24 RJ Singh

23 Terry Frazier

22 Alex Shane

21 Leroy Kincaide

20 Cameron Kraze

19 Liam Thomson

18 Joel Redman

17 CJ Banks

16 Darkside

15 Marty Scurll

14 Bubblegum

13 Jonny Storm

12 Stixx

11 Lionheart

10 Joey Hayes

9 Martin Kirby


No. 8 - Mark Haskins

Score: 407 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2010 votes: 4

2009 ranking: 8th

2008 ranking: 29th

2007 ranking: not listed

2006 ranking: not listed

2005 ranking: not listed




Who is he?

One of the true success stories in British wrestling over the last few years, Oxfordshire's "Star Attraction" Mark Haskins has risen from FWA Academy roster member to internationally respected wrestling star. Protege of "Specialist" Mark Sloan, spent the 2010 UKFF UK50 eligibility period appearing for IPW:UK, Premier Promotions, All Star Wrestling, 4FW and FWA before appearing on the first Dragon Gate UK show and becoming an regular fly-in for their tours ever since. Making his 3rd appearance in the UKFF UK50, Haskins secures the exact same ranking he did last year. Showing 100% dedication to his craft and continuous improvement, I don't mind saying that Mark Haskins has been my own personal favourite wrestler to watch over the last 3 years.....


Haskins' IPW:UK and All Star appearances alongside Joel Redman and others as a part of heel unit The Thrillers (including the Undisputed British Tag Team Title feud with LDRS of the New School) were covered extensively in Redman's own write-up at #18.....


On his own, Mark was a regular for classic-styled south-east Premier Promotions, as well as supplementing his tag IPW:UK appearances with a string of strong solo outings in the group, including beginning the summer of 2009 as the British Cruiserweight Champion and appearing on all of their summer tour and camp shows..... In September 2009, Haskins was included in the annual "Hardcore Lottery" tournament in Chatham. Defeating old Cruiserweight title rival British Eagle in a Falls Count Anywhere first-rounder, Haskins earned himself a place in the 4-way elimination no-DQ final. He outlasted Martin Stone, but was eliminated by Jon Ryan in vicious fashion (Wagner Driver through a chair) before Ryan fell to Chatham icon Jimmy Havoc.....


After notching up a succesful Cruiserweight title defences against Jonny Storm in Swanley and Sabian in Chatham, Haskins was again matched with a familar masked enemy for "Brawl at the Hall" in November. Before that, however, Haskins was chosen by Sloan as one of Team UK for the UK debut of Japanese promotion Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling in Oxford. Impressing all present with his charisma, presence and in-ring ability, Mark used his Star Kick (superkick) and Cradle to the Grave (pumphandle lift into a martinete-style piledriver) to defeat Warriors stable-member KAGETORA in a good match. Then, back in IPW:UK, Haskins dropped his Cruiserweight belt to Lion Kid (British Eagle's new gimmick, which also debuted on the DG:UK show) in a superb contest in Sittingbourne.....


As a direct result of his impressive DG:UK performance, Mark then found himself flying to Japan on a regular basis as a full-time member of the main Dragon Gate roster, featuring on al of their tours. As such, his UK appearances have scaled back considerably in 2010, to the point where he is almost now treated as an import in the same way as Pac, Doug Williams and Oblivion..... Returning to IPW:UK in April for the 2010 "Sittingbourne Spectacular", Haskins was suddenly, without explanation, no longer associated with The Thrillers and instead appeared as a straight-laced, fair-playing athlete as opposed to the cocky, arrogant and cheating sneak fans had always known him as (perhaps his Japanese expolits had instilled a new respect into him?). There, Mark main evented in a magnificent match against a fellow Dragon Gate Brit, Pac, and his Cradle to the Grave was enough to see his hand raised in his biggest IPW:UK appearance to date..... When he returned the next time, Haskins and Pac teamed to face tag champions LDRS of the New School (Zack Sbra Jr and Marty Scurll) in another brilliant bout.....


What did the UKFF think?

"The UK's best pro wrestler in my opinion. He's got it all: the look, the work rate, the character. Recent DG tours prove he is The Man"

"Amazing worker, has steadily become the best in the country"

"I despised this guy. He was the shit chav who spit on fans for heel heat. I thought about a lot worse things than the guy just quietly disappearing from the UK scene. But... This isn't the same guy from four years ago. There has been a total transformation. You can see how much time, effort and dedication he has in honing his craft. We've all read from Mark Sloan about how Haskins is so serious to make it as a wrestler he quit his job and simply lives and breathes wrestling now... And it shows. It really does. The guy deserves everything he has right now and more. And the scary thing is... This guy is probably going to get better on each Dragon Gate tour he does, much like PAC before him. And speaking of PAC, while I personally would rate Morishima/Mastiff above it, their match more than admirably followed it and was a worthy main event. This probably may be his last appearence in the UKFF UK50 as I will be surprised if next year he isn't considered as much of a one-off special appearence on UK shows as PAC is now."

"The best thing to come from Mark Sloan's training system. Should also be a heel as much as possible, suits him much more"

"Just an incredible talent"

"Average guy turned fantastic. The guy has a future in Japan and this is probably the last year we'll see him full time in the UK, however that is great news for him"

"Possibly one of the best on the scene right now which explains his recent tours with Dragon Gate, Haskins seems to be possessing the full package these days to be one of the best in the UK"

"Could this be his last year on this list? "The Star Attraction" has transcended his name"

"Solid, consistent. Potential to be one of the very best the UK has ever produced"

"What Joel lacks in charisma Haskins packs in in bunches. I'm yet to see a bad match from him and I can see why he is rated so highly"

"Probably the last year he

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No. 7 - Johnny Moss

Score: 431 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2010 votes: 4

2009 ranking: 7th

2008 ranking: 12th

2007 ranking: 32nd

2006 ranking: 25th

2005 ranking: not listed




Who is he?

Hailing from Workington, Cumbria, the man known across English and Scottish wrestling as "The Vigilante" transformed his body over the 2010 UKFF UK50 period from one of a big, stocky powerlifter to a jaw-dropping one of a lean, defined muscle-machine. Product of NWA UK Hammerlock, Moss equals his highest ever UKFF UK50 ranking by maintaining his exact 2009 placing after a massive year which has seen him presented as a top star in 1PW, IPW:UK, FWA, BCW, SWA, BCW, ICW, 3CW, TTP and others. Mixing frightening intensity, incredible power, amazing ground wrestling and brutally hard-hitting impact, Moss is surely close to a call from "the world's largest pro wrestling organisation".....


Living so close to the border, "Vigilante" has continued to be a regular for the numerous Scottish promotions for which he has been treated as a top-line star for years. In SWA, Moss fell to fellow hard-hitter Adam Shame at annual supershow "The Gathering" in September 2009. Staying north of the border for 3CW's Scottish debut, Johnny unsuccessfully challenged Darkside for the 3CW Heavyweight Title in the main event in Dumfries. He returned to SWA at "Rebirth" the following March with a victory over Wolfgang, which put him through to the 2nd round of the NWA British Heavyweight Title tournament, setting up a clash with BT Gunn.....


Over in BCW, Mossy beat "Highlander" Colin McKay in a Tables match at the biggest show of the year, December's "No Blood, No Sympathy VII", then defeated El Ligero at "Aftermath" the very next day in a rematch of their IPW:UK cracker from a few years ago. His next appearance saw him tag up with his protege Tank to down TJ Rage and Logan Storm.....


After several attempts to bring him in to face champion Leroy Kincaide fell apart due to injury, unreliable transport and flooding, Johnny finally returned to IPW:UK in June 2010 at "Unfinished Business" to challenge new Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Dave Mastiff for the in the main event, going down in a good match. He was brought back in August to team with Kincaide, but the pair found themselves unable to get along and went down to Mikey Whiplash and Robbie Dynamite.....


After defeating Nigel McGuinness for 1PW in Sheffield, Mossy made his FWA debut in October 2009, winning a Battle Royal on the pre-show to claim a place in the Brtish Title Tournament. Later that night, Moss destroyed FSW's Dave Rayne in convincing fashion to move through and face Martin Stone, reprising the pair's utterly fantastic 2007 3CW feud. Taking place in Nottingham, eventual tournament winner Stone moved through in a reportedly terrific match.....


What did the UKFF think?

"This is the guy whose matches I show to non-wrestling fans. No-one else in the UK has the look and the intensity to match him, and I get genuinely excited when I hear he's on a show"

"He's the best. PBW, BCW, SWA and ICW, he's without a doubt the best I've seen on British shows. He can literally do everything. His size, his shape, his skills, even his finisher....he is the definition of WOW"

"Simply put - a MONSTER of a man"

"The best wrestler I have seen in the UK by a mile, his matches have never disappointed"

"Easily the guy you'd want to show your sceptical brother-in-law if he scoffed at the idea of British wrestling. An absolute beast of a man and a genuinely versatile wrestler"

"That Nottingham show against Stone, ka-pow. He's an all round entertaining guy, he's got a look, a good character he plays to a tee and makes every match an enjoyable roller coaster, which is only a good thing"

"Last year (or the year before I can't remember) he came into 1PW and seemed to be pushed to the moon without showing us who he was. But fast forward to the back end of 2009 and start of 2010 and he's another one of the best in the UK. Amazing physique to go with it too and one you could see fit in WWE any day soon"

"He really does have the best physique in the business"

"Probably the best worker in Britain today. Simply fantastic"


"Brilliant wrestler, brilliant look and one of the most intense and consistent wrestlers in the UK. The fact that WWE of TNA have not taken him on yet is quite frankly a travesty"

"Has WWE written all over him. Someone you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley"

"Such a dominating presence and yet is up there with best Brits workrate wise, that is very hard to come by nowadays"

"Absolutely the best wrestler in Britain right now"

"Match with Stone at FWA Hotwired was one of my favourites of the year. Him destroying Dave Rayne was a fantastic spectacle

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