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The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

Egg Shen

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Melechesh are fucking awesome. They tend to be labelled as black metal, but they're not really. They have that raspy vocal style, but there the similarity ends. Catchy death metal heavily influenced by Middle Eastern music - much more so than Nile.


Fucking yes. Fantastic band even though i've only heard one of their albums (Djinn). I saw them live last summer at Hellfest and they were phenomenal, been meaning to buy more of their material.


Anyone into pagan black metal? If so check out Askival. His album, Eternity, has since become one of my favourites of all time and by far my most played on last fm. As a nationalist Scotsman it really resonates me, with its themes of a return to paganism and independence and etc. The music is superb too, amazing it was created by one man. So yeah guys check it out!


Also going through yet another Summoning phase. Nothing beats a bit of Tolkien influenced epic/atmospheric black metal to do a bit of my uni reading to, not to mention sitting alone with a beer being drawn increasingly into the hypnotic and beautiful soundscapes. Another band you should all check out if you like (nerdy) music with soul.


Gig wise, saw Decapitated and Marduk in Glasgow this week and both were great. Decapitated were especially crazy with the whole floor being a mass of circle bits, crowdsurfers and stagedivers. Plus at Marduk, Nemetheanga made an appearance which reduced me to a squealing fanboy. Always been a massive Primordial fan.

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So how many in here are looking forward to the new Jag Panzer album?


Probably a very thin minority. While metal specific forums I frequent absolutely fellate this band, I have Mechanized Warfare and while it's decent, it's nothing mind-blowing and a "OMG BEST BAND EVER!" that people seem to give this band.


In semi-Panzer related news, the new Nevermore drops on April 1st and I am shitting bricks in anticipation for the Godliness that is going to be unleashed. I of course bring up Nevermore due to the Panzer guitarist being used live a few years ago.

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There isn't really a metallica song I don't like, but I'll recommend these for a first timer:


Fade To Black (my personal fave)

Master of Puppets

Creeping Death

That Was Just Your Life


Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Shortest Straw


The Unforgiven

The Day That Never Comes

Sad But True

Hit the Lights



And some Maiden as I'm a huge fan also:


Aces High

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Hallowed be thy Name



Ghost of the Navigator

The Legacy

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Exodus' 'Bonded by Blood'


Doubleplus good!


Can't say I like the stuff with the new vocalist. Zetro fucking slayed, but the rest of the band seem to think he was a complete cunt. Tempo of the Damned is another bloody good album. One or two low points, but Sealed with a Fist, Shroud of Urine, Scar Spangled Banner, Culling the Herd and War is my Shepherd are great tracks.


Any love for Vital Remains?

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Just heard a new Immolation song, 'Majesty and Decay'. Very Morbid Angel esque, I approve wholeheartedly! Ross Dolan is one of my favorite Death Metal vocalists.


Love Vital Remains. Always get goosebumps when I hear Dechristianize. 'Let Us Pray is a true Death Metal classic though.

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been having a death metal day today ready for Decapitated on monday here the list i ve what i went through


Morbid Angel-Alters Of Madness

Obituary-Two From The Valult (which is Slowly We Rot and Cause Of Death realesed together)

Malevolent Creation-The Best Of (a collection by roadrunner)


Cannibal Corpse-Live Cannibalism


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im going through Napalm Death's back catalogue in reverse. I got into em when Smear Campaign came out, and now im working backwards. Fucking great band. In terms of agression and intensity they flatten any of the newer extreme bands.

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Yeah they are my favourites when it comes to Extreme Metal bands ND's album Scum influenced alot of it too but I liked the progression into Death Metal, just all around great, along with Blotted Science which is like Cannibal Corpse but without vocals..an instrumental band in other words they just make death metal sounding music.

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In some interesting metal news, David Ellefson has rejoined Megadeth after leaving in 2002. Pretty cool to have him back, will be good to see him at Donington. They're about to do a short tour in the states celebrating the 20th anniversary of Rust in Peace in which they're gong to play the whole album, I'd love to see that.

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