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[Nominations] Pro-Wrestler of the Year 2009


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Rey Mysterio.


Great, memorable performances at Royal Rumble and No Way Out followed by great matches on tv and ppv against Jericho, Morrison & Ziggler.

Definitely his most consistent year for in-ring performances since signing with WWE.



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Rey Mysterio - Great all round performances, highlight being series with Jericho. Never got boring seeing those two wrestle.


John Cena - Also had a great year. Superb match vs Edge at Backlash, some solid stuff against Big Show, then an excellent series with Randy Orton culminatiing in pulling off an Iron Man Match. Ended with a great triple threat with DX and tables match with Sheamus

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Rey Mysterio. His performance at No Way out was superb and he's been incredible since.


Christian. Always entertaining, always has something new. The most consistent performer of the year on a weekly basis.

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