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Wrestling merch you wanted but never got


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Looking back over the years I think the amount of wrestling merchandise I craved I never got and I'd always end up with discount versions of stuff. Even though were in a financial crisis now, it's good to know our Mam's were deven frugal back in the day too. I didn't mind and appreciated what I did get alot more in the long run. I'm hoping this was a recurring theme within us all here on the UKFF. For instance...


Around the time I got into Wrasslin' me Nanna took me into town and promised me a wrestling video. We went into Woolies (was easily the best shop in Sunderland at the time for displays, toys and sweets) and I picked out


Royal Rumble 1991. Just go on google and look at the box! Look at all the wrestlers! Look at the colours!! It looked awesome and had Mr. Perfect on the front who I always loved for his snappy singlets, cocky promos, great look and stringy hair but if I remember it was a 2 video number and cost more than the single vids. Me Nanna quite rightly told me to fuck off and have this instead...


The Best of Hulkamania

I was gutted on the bus journey home but when I got home and stuck that bad boy in I realised the big deal about Hulkamania. Weird as I supported his opponents all the way through it. Every match was excellent (in my opinion) including his classic cage match with Bossman (who I subsequently loved because of this. BLADE JOB FTW!!) The vid also opened the doors to Greg Valentine who I remember pitying with my Grandad cause it looked like he was crying throughout the match. Also had the Wrestlemania III match on with Andre (still, the best match of all time in terms of spectacle for me)


Mr Perfect hasbro figure

Me Dad told me he was heading to Toys R Us for me XMas pressie and I could give him the name of a wrestling figure I wanted. I specifically told him Mr. Perfect. He's the only one I EVER wanted. The bloke's just so cool. I remember me Mam took me to Carricks and told me if I behaved myself she'd get me Mr. P. I went all out for plaudits from her and ended up spilling a full box of ready brek all over the shopping and was told to wait outside. Gutted. Anyway, instead me Dad got me...


The Berserker hasbro figure

I mean, jesus, the bloke doesn't even have a look. I wound up preteneding he was Cactus Jack (cause of the beard) years later against me other figures. Me Dad told me it was the only one they had in. Geoffrey and helpers fucked me right over.


Let's hear what you could of won...

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Hey, Berserker was an alright figure! One of the few Hasbros to come with soft goods!


I always wanted - and never got - the LOD shoulderpads. I wish I'd held onto stuff I did get as well - Bret Hart shades, Shawn Michaels heart-shaped glasses, and in particular.


I still want the Jakks Rock foam belt.

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As a kid I always wanted a toy ring for my figures, but never got one. Had to make do with an upturned washing up bowl and imaginary ropes :(


Now it's the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania & Summerslam Anthology Box Sets. One day you will be mine....


There's been dozens of T-Shirts over the years I've been too cheap to buy, but none that immediately spring to mind.


I really want to start collecting replica belts. Whenever I've seen wrestlers on Cribs I've just loved the look of walls covered in wrestling belts, but to be honest I just don't have the cash to spend a few hundred on a wall ornament


Although, if we're talking about wrestling merch you got but never wanted my Nan has a habit of buying me the worst t-shirts as gifts. I currently have a Rikishi 'Back That Ass Up' shirt and a Mysterio 'Wine Me, Dine Me 619 Me' shirt that are sitting in the draw unworn.

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When I was 10 I'd have literally killed for one of the 'Wrestling Buddies'. I even saved up the money to order one out of the WWF magazine but I didnt know about shipping costs which effectively doubled the money I needed so I gave up and bought myself Metroplex Autobot City instead.

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