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John Amos

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Flamin hell. I came in drunk at 4 last night and put a fiver on city to beat charlton. I have no idea why :(Any ideas for the footie today?

I put a fiver double on Celtic to draw with Aberdeen & City to beat Charlton and i have no idea why as i don't think either will really happen :( My bets today will be on NFL as i don't see anything that great in the footy and have probably already blew a fiver on that double.EDIT: 57.50 return if it does though :D Edited by hbk4life
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Well tell us your bets then!I'm glad I put that fiver on this morning!I just won 13 quid backing Juventus, but it looks like I'm gonna lose a tenner backing Leverkusen. I'm backing barcelona for the win, and also for the HT/FT.Edit - damn it, I've also got a tenner on roma! Too many bets to keep up with!

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Nathan Vasher intercepted Brett Favre for 45 yards (Robbie Gould made PAT)

Brett Favre just let my entire fantasy team down... but do I care? - 2 minutes left and Chicago are 19-7 to the good.Edit.... 1 min left and GB 3-10 on the Chi26... *bites nails*Edit#2: Yay. Favre fails on another game ending drive :) Edited by JFFC
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Thinking of putting on :


Werder Bremen vs. Panathanaikos

PSV vs. Fenerbahce

Club Brugge vs. Bayern Munich

Rapid Vienna vs. Juventus

Benfica vs. Man Utd

Lyon vs. Rosenborg

AC Milanvs. Schalke 04


The odds on Liverpool 1-0 and the scorer are outstanding to say the least.


Crouch 66/1

Morientes 66/1

Cisse 66/1

Gerrard 100/1

Garcia 100/1


Tempted...... :omg:

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