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  1. Many, but none I’ll go into to people who are happily attacking and insulting me. Happy now I’ve replied to you since you seem desperate to be in the conversation?
  2. No, I’d like her to die before anything happens in anybody’s future. Hopefully finding a way to take you with her?
  3. Name one you don’t believe in and I’ll add it to the short list?
  4. Feel free to tell your friend I hope his sister dies horribly and soon 😇😘🖐
  5. Surely that would be more applicable if I was saying I would beat him up? I will be doing charity boxing soon though so we can decisively find out if I am in fact hard.
  6. People like you are the reason I rarely bother to defend myself, rather I just back insult the person doing the insulting. So, I hope a bus runs you over. And you die, to be clear. 😘
  7. No no. Paying for content be it porn or anything is fine. She was one of the pathetic ones. The person being pathetic not the system itself. Sorry, worded awkwardly.
  8. I’ve met this girl in person before and I can confirm, IMO, she is a cunt yes.
  9. Not at all. It happened though. Oh, somebody spotted that I support Tommy Robinson. That’s something I’m more than happy to take shit for because I stand by my beliefs.
  10. I’m sure this will just get people screenshot and laugh at me but I tried to jump in front of a train days after I got accused of this because of how many people BELIEVED it having known me for literally years. So, not #MeToo but certainly affected me. Like I said, much better at handling trolls now. FULLY appreciative that I’m sure there will be a response or two somewhere along the lines of “wish he had succeeded”, if not here then elsewhere, due to me sharing that. Its called “one under”, and since watching a documentary on the topic I’m fucking glad I didnt pit somebody through that.
  11. This is creepy actually. Mostly things I’ve tweeted and stand by - but also misconceptions. The top one for example - the girl in question was one of those pathetic pay for porn girls. I called a girl who used to come to my shows a cunt because she is. Obviously when she’s paying for tickets 35+ Times a year I’m not going to air my thoughts. But now I can :).
  12. Ok, to be very clear - I’m not joking about anything. I’m responding to taunts based on an article about me from January 2018 which I’ve spent a year and a half having to defend myself to, both to the police and to people who don’t know me. The human behind the accusations is very very unwell, so I’ve never once attacked her back, she apologised on her Twitter for all of the problems she caused months after - but nobody ever reported that. Police contacted me about it, I complied fully. My mistake was speaking to fans on Facebook when drunk on the work account. Why do you think there’s never ever ever been a follow up after the mishmash of screenshots that came out? Outside of people using me as a but of jokes for 18 months? Ive no doubt that this will stop absolutely no abuse coming towards me, but I’ve become very good at taking the abuse - I wish I was this good at responding to trolls 18 months ago. So glad to be back here on the UKFF. Oh and to the person who asked why use my name, Ive been a member since Jan 2004. Wasn’t a recent decision?!
  13. *eye roll emoji* Only person I’ve abused is ya mum. 😘.
  14. To talk about Andy Quildan, who I worked with from 2005-2012. Or Sha Samuels who I worked with from 2004-2017. Yes.
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