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The Weird & Wonderfully F**ked Up World of Combat Sports

Egg Shen

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Had the idea for this thread as not a week goes by where I don't see some incredibly weird shit happening across the combat sports world through social media, thought i'd set up a thread to report back my findings, expect lots of rubbish, lots of sad shit, and maybe the odd bit of positivity...

first up:


Julian Lane has carved out a little niche career for himself through, TUF, bare knuckle boxing and becoming a guy clearly willing to fight anyone. Well he went over to Russia last night to fight a top Russian kickboxer and bare knuckle fighter called Vlad Tuinov, in a boxing match (Lane's debut).


Well let's just say Lane was in over his head:

What a left hook!


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yeah, he's found his lane.

Here's one from a few weeks ago. Remember Alexandru Lungu? big Romanian lad that fought in Pride and Cage Rage briefly. Well he's still active and recently fought in a domestic promotion. Nothing crazy about that, just two tubby funsters having a terrible MMA fight, but Lungu may be the first guy to ever win a fight by TKO without landing a single strike:



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you can't make this one up...

a few weeks ago Aleksander Emelianenko fought infamous mentalist Datsik in a boxing match in Russia. Datsik knocked Emelianenko out in 13 seconds, then for whatever reason, they fought again weeks later, in street clothes in a tiny ring, on Russian TV. I dunno if this was meant to be for fun or what, but Datsik didn't the memo...

Only in Russia 😕

here's the KO from the original fight...

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I didn't know where to post this, but I decided to put it here.

Gladiator's Challenge (OG promotion) are promoting the MMA debut of Zion Clark this weekend:


you might be wondering what's so significant about that, but it's simply because Zion Clark was born with no legs. No idea how this looks, or how it goes but a quick youtube search of Clark will show that he's an incredible athlete in his own and a truly inspirational character. 



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