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Bellator 285 - Henderson vs. Queally (Sept. 23rd)

Egg Shen

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Bellator returns to Ireland next Friday night...


Main Card:

Benson Henderson vs. Peter Queally

Yoel Romero vs. Melvin Manheof

Ciaran Clarke vs. George Sasu

Mads Burnell vs. Pedro Carvalho

Leah McCourt vs. Dayana Silva


Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Kane Mousah

Brian Moore vs. Arivaldo Silva

Darragh Kelly vs. Kye Stevens

Alex Bodna vs. Kenny Mokhonoana

Dante Schiro vs. Luca Poclit

Karl Moore vs. Karl Albrektsson

Asael Adjoudj vs. Jordan Barton

Kirill Sidelnikov vs. Kasim Aras

Not quite if Benson Henderson headlining a card does much for anyone these days, but he's coming off a bit of a career saving win over a top Russian prospect so there might be gas left in the tank, but he's 1-3 in his last 4. I've never really rated Queally, but he's tough and him fighting in Dublin is abit of a spectacle. If Conor McGregor isn't in the game, Queally is probably the guy the Irish fans gravitate towards the most. I'm picking Henderson to win this, but the atmosphere should be great.

Then there's the co-main. Bellator a intent on getting Melvin Manheof killed. We finally get to see it. This thing is gonna end badly. Melvin may make it interesting for a few minutes though. Pray for Manheof.

Some other good stuff sprinkled throughout. Burnell/Carvalho, Karakhanyan/Mousah are cracking little fights. 

oh, and look at Baby Fedor propping up the card. That guy turns up everywhere.

I'll do some digging into the prelims and post a few thoughts later next week if I find anything of note, usually some interesting characters across the Bellator prelims.

Media - Yoel Romero will not go to 205 unless he wins the MW belt | Sherdog  Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion


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I love the Romero vs Manhoef fight but I also hate it. Two of my favourites. I’m gonna be happy/sad however it ends. Just gonna hope for a good fight and that nobody gets too badly hurt.

I forgot about Yoel’s mad march in the gif there as well 🤣 think that was just after he caved Weidman’s head in with that brutal flying knee at MSG. 

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6 minutes ago, Cousin Jim Bob said:

Romero vs Manhoef feels like one of the 'most likely to fall apart before fightnight' fights I've ever seen. Amazed it already hasn't tbh.

Well it’s already fallen apart once this year. It was supposed to happen a few months ago but Manhoef injured his hand battering some burglars. And I’m not even making that up. Had them fuckers cowering. 


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Yeah, ive got a free evening as well so ive got a pizza and a large bag of cheese puffs for the occasion. 

I think it'll be good. There Irish interest in most of the card so should be lively. I listened the Severe MMA Podcast and they got me interested in a few of the Irish lads lower down the bill.

I expect Henderson to beat Queally, even at this stage. Queally has to make this an ugly, brawl and Henderson is not the kind of guy who will get sucked into that kind of fight. I think it may go 5 but Henderson wins.

Now, call me crazy but im starting to think Manheof may have a chance against Romero. Instantly I think Romero by devastating KO, but Romero is such an oddball that I could almost see him standing off and having a tit for tat kickboxing match with Manheof and maybe Melvin keeps this close on the cards. Romero is such an oddity it likely wont play out as people expect.

Looking forward to it.

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Manhoef is saying, for now at least, that this’ll be his last fight as well.

I hope it is. This is probably about as high profile as it’s gonna get for him at 46. But I’ll believe it when I see it. Guys like Manhoef usually can’t stop. If he wins he’ll think he’s got another streak in him, if he loses he’ll probably convince himself he can’t go out on a loss and he’ll fight again somewhere. 

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Melvin pretty much went out in storybook fashion. He went into a fight against an absolute monster, no one expect him to win, he didn't, but he was competitive and did better than anyone thought he would. If Melvin has got through to the bell and lost in the cards you just know he'd be thinking about another one. Instead he got through a tough first round, almost won the 2nd, then got bludgeoned into retirement in round 3. I'm sure the guy didn't want to get knocked out, but he went out on his shield like the absolute warrior he is. That's a weird way of putting it, but it felt like an old time Gladiator getting his send off, all in front of a packed, appreciative audience. 


Romero though...the guys a gif machine.


It was abit of a strange night. The whole card felt like a lower tier UFC London. Until the main event, every single Irish fighter, or fighter representing Ireland to degree won. There were a few big upsets too. Outside of the first few fights though the fight weren't great. The crowd would get hot for the walkouts, starts and a few finishes but it would die during the actual action, it was oddly flat at times. 

Benson Henderson just schooled Queally. Peter Queally is basically fighting above his level here. His popularity and association to McGregor has basically gifted a high position in Bellator's lightweight divsion, but he's not of that level, Henderson exposed that.

Leah McCourt is in a similar spot. She's been positioned as this top end Featherweight but she just isn't.  She's marketable and Bellator clearly want to take advantage of that but she's not much cop. That said, if Cyborg leaves and vacates I wouldn't at all be surprised to see McCourt fight for the vacant belt in Ireland.


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