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Or, two brothers shared a genuine hug, as they often do, at the end of a big day for their family - one that Roy in particular has dreamed about for 20+ years.

Not saying Cody & Dustin wasn't a genuine hug.

But not everything that takes place in a wrestling ring is a 'spot'.

And AEW don't have a monopoly on family members embracing, in a wrestling ring or otherwise.

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despite all the knockers we achieved a fantastic near 4500 fans a great day in the community of Norwich who never get to see massive shows, i am very proud of the whole team and i am even happy for a sniffer dog to take some heat, we had many hundreds of non wrestling fans who attended and loved every moment of a great day mission accomplished, will be even bigger next year, heres to our weekender at Pontins Prestatyn in November another first for a UK company, WAW we just keep going and getting stronger.

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On 6/8/2019 at 12:05 PM, TildeGuy~! said:

Looks like they did a Cody/Dustin spot a week after Double Or Nothing, the crowd are clearly into it.


hey buddy it was a hug to say well done on being best match on the card and the emotion of a years hard work paying off with 4500 in attendance in little old Norwich 

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