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Ken Shamrock (he isnt dead)

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On 2/25/2019 at 9:30 AM, BomberPat said:

That the WWF never did Shamrock/Severn was preposterous. I know Dan Severn was a poor fit for the Attitude Era, and they never really gave him the run he deserved, but having two of the biggest names of UFC under contract when they both had a win apiece, when the WWF had created a mock-UFC gimmick match as Shamrock's specialty? Those two in a Lion's Den match on PPV wrote itself.

RAW #274, August 24th 1998 - the only one on one match between the two, but they do refer to it as Shamrock/Severn III and do mention them having one apiece in the UFC, or the "Ultimate Fighting Game" as JR calls it at one point.

As this was the WWF in 1998, it of course goes for under 3 minutes before ending in a DQ following a run-in from Owen Hart. It only happened to lend build to the Owen/Shamrock Lion's Den Match at Summerslam, this being the go-home RAW.

They did have one more match one on one at BCW 33 21 years later which ended in a no-contest, so there's still a chance of a rubber match, maybe at one of Josh Barnett's Bloodsport events if they ever come back 

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