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Gus Mears

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34 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

Nah, that looks crap Gus. The brew has stewed too long and worse still, it's got that shit southern limescaley hard water thing going on. 

Hard water for hard Southern people. Soft water for Northern softies.

Plus it's because I used the same mug for two cups, thus single-handedly saving the environment.

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I got into the habit of squeezing two cuppas out of a single bag when I was a student, and it's something I still do.  The Fair-trade (yes) teabags we tend to buy seem to be more than capable of producing two mugs of tea.  I am a fucking cheapskate though, to be fair.

Nobody ever needs to stir tea thanks to the law of Brownian motion.

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1 hour ago, Ralphy said:

ever tried making a cuppa with brita filtered water? i do it a lot now, makes it taste much better 

Not a fan. I personally think soft water is rubbish compared to hard and I'm not just putting that forward because I live in the South. 

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