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My new (new) book: Have A Good Week... Till Next Week


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For six years, the stars of Britain’s ITV wrestling told their stories to Fighting Spirit Magazine’s John Lister. Now these in-depth biographies of more than 60 grapplers come together in the ultimate history of the ‘World of Sport’ era. From Adrian Street to William Regal, from Tiny Tom Thumb to Giant Haystacks, these are the true stories of amazing lives in and out of the ring.

400 pages, available worldwide on Kindle (free on Kindle Unlimited) and in print at Amazon with free postage: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Have-Good-Week-Till-Next-ebook/dp/B07DSCLGTZ


Full contents:

Adrian Street

Albert Wall & Gwyn Davies

Big Daddy

Billy Robinson

Blackjack Mulligan

Blondie Barratt

Brian Dixon

Brian Maxine

British Bulldogs


Chic Cullen

Chris Adams

Colin Joynson

Danny Collins

Dave Taylor

Doc Dean

Drew McDonald

George Kidd

Giant Haystacks

Jackie Pallo

Jackie Turpin

Jim Breaks

John Cox

John Freemantle

John Kenny

John Naylor

Johnny Kidd

Johnny Kincaid

Johnny Saint

Kendo Nagasaki

Kid Chocolate

Klondyke Kate

Kung Fu

Len Ironside

Les Kellett

Mal Kirk

Mal Sanders

Mark Rocco

Marty Jones

Mel Stuart

Mick McManus

Mike Marino

Mitzi Mueller

Orig Williams

Pete Roberts

Ray Robinson

Ricky Knight

Robbie Brookside

Scrubber Daly

Sheamus Dunleavy

Steve Grey

Tom Thumb

Tony St Clair

Tony Walsh

William Regal

Cup Final Day

Holiday Camps

Pre-TV Era

Royal Albert Hall

Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

The Calgary Connection

Wembley Arena

Joint Promotions




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3 hours ago, The Guvnor said:

Think I may have to grab a copy of this.


Fountain of knowledge in a house very close to yours. Just saying for a future book! :)

It's beyond close... it's next door!

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