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Wrestling Partridge


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"That's the best cooked breakfast I've had since Gary Wilmot's wedding."




"You know, when I used to see you in reception, do you know what I used to think? I used to think "ooohh... she's nicer than my wife."


(I have a feeling the above has been done already - and maybe the below one as well - sorry if so!)




"Well, Sunny, that was classic intercourse. So, er, thanks. Let's just pop the extractor fan on, get a through draught going."



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"Guess which one of you two ladies I’m going to make love with now."




"There’s no point pulling it mate, it’s not going to reach. He’s determined to make it reach. Oh, he has done."





"I’ll tell you something about this guy, he got the lab assistant pregnant, he never sees the kid"


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