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Top Beards and Moustaches (Some pictures)

Gus Mears

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Inspired by Australian cricketer chat in the FYI thread.


This year I've got a wonderful new job and have had a slightly above average amount of sex. Now, we could put that down to factors such as my improved CV (for the job, not the other thing), but I would like to think that both are directly due to growing a fair amount of stubble/beard.


Great people throughout history have facial hair. All of them, as illustrated below.


Oliver Reed: beard

Count Otto von Bismarck: Moustache 

WG Grace: Beard

Jesus: Beard


Even vaunted historical figures who you think don't have a beard usually do. For example, Winston Churchill had a moustache but covered it up like Cesar Romero in Batman so as not to look like Hitler during the war. 


So what are you favourite beards and moustaches and why? Are YOU! a great person with a beard, or a shameful husk of a human?


I'll kick off the beard bash with a popular choice among the masses. 




I saw Brian Blessed live last year and I really have to say it's a magnificent specimen his beard. Didn't disappoint at all. Notice the rich shade of mahogany brown in the lower depth of it, which is a rarity for beards of this age. Truly a top of the class octogenarian beard with a full service history. 

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Think iconic taches from the 80's and Tom Selleck is bound to spring to mind.  My loyalty however, lies with the greatest villain ever to grace the silver screen.


I mean look at it.  Thick.  Dense.  Borderline handlebar without descending into parody.  It's a thing of beauty.



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'Keep it real like Ian Beale' always wins these threads.


When I think of superior moustaches, I think of Burt Reynolds. Amazingly, he was at his manliest without facial hair (Deliverance), but look at this specimen:





Oliver Reed rocked the fuck out of a moustache as well. He'd sport a really thick dark rug on his upper lip that just epitomised his manliness, but I prefer the tache he had during his 'getting pissed on The Word' days. I mean, look at the curls on the ends:



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Don Frye, Tom Selleck, Dan Severn and Burt Reynolds can all form an exclusive club that shits on everyone else's moustaches, as far as I'm concerned.




Top moustachios all look like they should smell of Hai-Karate or Brut. 



Point absolutely proven there. 

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