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Torrie Wilson Playboy Magazine - Signed

Steve Justice

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To be perfectly honest, I was never a fan of Torrie Wilson. This was purchased for me from a friend who met her during a trip to one for the WWE PPV's (no idea which one). I've obviously looked at the pictures (I'm not peculiar) but I can honestly say I have not once touched Trojan whilst viewing them.


I was always into Stacey Keibler, Trish Stratus and Miss Kitty. None of whom went full frontal unfortunately.

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This is an art pamphlet, not a rhythm magazine. I have merely read the articles and glanced over the tasteful photography.

Steve Justice. Does poos wrong, does wanks wrong.




Well, we already knew that from the peep show story... Vintage Steve Justice!



I always forget I told that story here. Goddammit!!!!

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