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Best things in wrestling right now

Undefeated Steak

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- Wrestle Kingdom 10 is around the corner: WK9 was easily one of my favourite shows in a long time. Having not followed Japanese wrestling over the past few years, it was great to see the likes of Tanahashi, Okada, Ibushi and others who I'd heard so much about and seen so little of. Everything about the show, from the style of wrestling to the stage and lighting, only highlighted how stale WWE are in 2015. The WK10 card looks fantastic and I'm more hyped for this than I am for Wrestlemania.


- WWE Network: I don't watch it half as much as I should but, like Netflix or Spotify, it would've been crazy talk once upon a time to think we could have so much content at the click of a button.


- NXT: Can you imagine us 10 years ago thinking this could be a thing? Their weekly show isn't consistently groundbreaking or must-see TV, but that's not what they're about. Their Takeover events are almost always world class and you do get the odd almost-perfectly booked show. A million miles from Raw or Smackdown.


- Royal Rumble is a month away: It's far from the most anticipated Rumble we've seen but it's the event that always gives us something to talk about, and there's usually at least one quality match on the undercard.


- Lucha Underground 2 is almost here: Lucha Underground series 1 might've been the best wrestling TV of the past 5 years and the trailer for series 2 looks ace.


- Podcasts: I know there are a lot of podcast fans on here and we've got loads of choice when it comes to wrestling podcasts. Even Austin on a bad day still makes for entertaining listening.


- British wrestling: ICW, Progress, PCW, IPW:UK, Rev Pro, 5 Star(?), and countless others. A real boom period for British wrestling.


- Brock Lesnar: Lesnar stands out from the crowd now more than even. Almost every match he's in is a classic. The triple threat at the Rumble and his HIAC with Undertaker were both leagues above any other main roster matches this year.


- Raw ratings are suffering: It sounds a bit counterintuitive for this thread but I'm glad the ratings are reflecting the shite that is Raw. It gives us some hope they'll shake things up eventually.




It's easy to overlook the good things wrestling still gives us - what are you enjoying right now?

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* At least one great show a month within driving distance of my house - PROGRESS, RevPro, Lucha Britannia, etc


* I can pretty much see any show that was recorded within days of it happening - imagine that in the days of tape-trading!


* Some truly different, unique things being done in the name of pro-wrestling - Lucha Underground, ATTACK!-Pro, DDT, and more


* Documentaries and other stuff of that type are being made at breakneck speed

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- Lucha Underground 2 is almost here: Lucha Underground series 1 might've been the best wrestling TV of the past 5 years and the trailer for series 2 looks ace.



That, right there. I've also got to the point where I don't mind Wrestle Talk TV. Not saying I agree with the views but it's not too bad. But yeah, Lucha Underground. Is it January yet?

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New Day rocks


Seriously how drab would 2k15 have been without those boys. Can only hope in future more capable people are given the trust from highers-up to go out each week and be themselves


Whenever they free people from restrictive creative ball & chain, more often than not it ends successfully. They should give everyone free reign.


Remember they thought Steve Austin couldn't talk at one point!

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New Day. You can only really get away with one act at a time doing this, and these three are great at being that act.


WWE finally pulling the trigger on Roman Reigns. About fucking time.


The Miz. Keep him out of the midcard rematch mix and there's great value in him for interactions with a guy like Neville. For how far his star has fallen, he still does a damn good job.


Stardust and the Ascension. Just fun cartoon baddies. It's a shame Hulkamania ran a bit too wild, because the Axel/Sandow team could have had an outstanding feud with these three.


Sami Zayn is back!


Breaking Ground is a great show.

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Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. There's nothing better in pro-wrestling than seeing something really click into place. The crowd are on board, they look absolutely over the moon with the reactions they're getting and you get the feel that they could be something truly special. Gable in particular displays more potential than anyone in NXT not called Sami Zayn.


Breaking Ground is the best show they've produced in years. It's worth the Network subscription alone.


Sami Zayn being back. God, I love him. He's the best babyface on the roster. Awesome music, brilliant in the ring, even his Seth-Rogen face adds to his likability.


Roman Reigns not being a dickhead anymore. Since TLC there's been an obvious redirection with his character, including just letting him fucking win for a change, and he's improved immensely because of it.


The New Day. I wish more guys were allowed to do whatever the fuck they want. Or even if the New Day are actually fully-scripted, the impression that they're just goofing around is enough to be enjoyable. Just dumb, stupid fun.


The Wyatt Family winning all of the time against The Dudleys. It might harm the Dudleys in the long run, but who the fuck cares. At least someone on the roster is winning consistently and not doing 50/50 nonsense.

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ROH being a consistently good show all year around.


Lucha Underground coming back.


A potential promise of a Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe feud in Nxt.


Table for 3 being one of the most entertaining shows on the network.


British wrestling getting bigger and more exposure is the US for wrestlers like Mark Andrews, Will Osprey and Marty Scurll.


Osprey vs Scurll next Progress show.


New Day. Long live the trombone!


PWG shows being tremendous all year long.


Mike Bailey being a great underdog.


Dalton Castle's character work.


Near enough all Roderick Strong's matches in ROH being tremendous.


LPW's promotion for their show in October. Hope they promote another on here.

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