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What's happened to wooly?!

Deathmatch Jmb

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Hi all,

Was talking to wooly for a good while, he sells dvds on here, you can find him in the classifieds. Just wondering on other people's experience with buying from him or what he's up to. I gave him £60 and he's vanished... Lol

I'm shore there's a good reason for this, many he's gone away, but anyone who cab help can you let me know pleeeeease

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Gonna take a stab in the dark here and guess that you are actually wooly...


Your grammar and typing is the same. I know this because you constantly used to sending me betting tips without me asking.



You also joined the forum 6 days ago and this is your first post. So you couldn't have been talking to him a "good while" on here and certainly not long enough for you to send him 60quid and then question where your goods are.


Poor attempt.

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There's a thread in the Classifieds section detailing Bad Traders and he's in that. That alone would be an indication not to have any dealings with him, let alone send him £60!

The fact that he appears to bet on every horse in every race would be an indication not to trust him financially.

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