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Secret Santa 2015


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Usual script for this (shamefully copy and pasted from Crisp)

If you'd like to take part, simply read the guidelines then send the below details to santaontheukff@outlook.com


Forum Name:
Full Postal Address:
Notes *:

* That's for anyone who wants their sender to mark the package with any specifics; 'please leave with the fit bird next door', 'stick it in the shed' etc., so they don't have to collect it from their local Post Office or fish it out of a wet bin.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. If you wish to participate then email your info across by the end of Sunday, 22nd November

2. Only provide your real name if that's the name you wish the gift to be addressed to. If you don't provide your real name, your forum name will be given to your sender.
3. The recommended spend is a tenner, but if you're feeling a bit flush then you may spend more if you wish
4. You don't have to buy a present, you can make it!
5. You'll be emailed the name/forum name of your recipient plus their full address by Saturday, 28th November
6. It's up to you when you send the gift, but if you plan on sending it nearer to Christmas week, then please take into consideration the Royal Mail Christmas postage dates shown below:

UK Services     UK Inland Services Saturday 19 December 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For® Monday 21 December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For® Wednesday 23 December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®

Overseas poster, don't let that put you off if you're abroad. I'll try to either pair you up with someone in the same country or will provide details to the sender as early as possible.

7. If you don't want to incur the extra cost of having to send overseas, then please say so when you send your details over

Please, get proof of postage. Far too often Frankie Crisp spent his time dicking about chasing people up who claim to have sent something but can't back it up. If you've signed up for this in the past and not delivered the goods, don't waste your time emailing me.

Please note, I just arrange this for the fun it brings. I'm not responsible for lost or damaged parcels so won't be refunding missing or damaged deliveries.

Ensure you don't post that you want to take part in here and do nothing afterwards. I won't be chasing people up if they do that. You only get entered if you provide your details via email (or PM me, if you prefer). 


Last thing; I will try to reply to all e-mails to confirm receipt, however between a number of personal and work commitments I'll be out the country for a spell and tend to be on here on my phone so bear with me. That's also why I'm getting this up now, a little earlier than the normal start of November take up, while I'm on my laptop for once.

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Good start on the thread title ;)


Yeah, I went to the trouble of reading the blurb and missed the title. I thought a quick change might save it but it took me an age to work out how to do it.

Can you believe I now work in an IT department!

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