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Southside crew

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Here you go;


Adam Ohriner, Long Island, N.Y.

Alexander Frekey, Dallas

Alexander Galizia, Springfield, Mass.

Amanda Saccomanno, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Ashley Urbanski, Oakland, Calif.

Ava Knight-Salicka, Las Vegas

Carly Marshall, Los Angeles

Chelsea Green, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Danielle Kamela, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Daria Berenato, Los Angeles

David Michael Barnes, Mandan, N.J.

Dianna Dahlgren, Spokane, Wash.

Don Arner, Pittsburgh

Gabi Castrovinci, Southington, Conn.

Giorgia Piscina, Brisbane, Australia

Hank Avery Jr., Macon, Ga.

Jason Vazquez, Oak Lawn, Ill.

Jeremiah Kingdom, Los Angeles

Joshua Bredl, Thornton, Colo.

Kahlil Bell, San Jose, Calif.

Kevin Penczek, Belle, W.V.

Krishany San Jorge, Puerto Rico

LaRayia Gaston, Los Angeles

Lorenzo Davis II, Los Angeles

Mada Abdel Hamid, Los Angeles

Michael Mio, Staten Island, N.Y.

Mike Hayes, Louisville, Ken.

Nehemiah Kingdom, Los Angeles

Nicholas Cuffari, Lakewood, Okla.

Patrick Clark, Washington, D.C.

Philip Guilford, Atlantic City, N.J.

Samantha Sage, Los Angeles

Sara Bettencourt, San Jose, Calif.

Sara Lee, Hope, Mich.

Stephen Tezanos-Pinto, Sacramento, Calif.

Tanner Saraceno, Boiling Springs, S.C.

Tommaso Giannuzzi, Germany

Vinny Tortorella, Staten Island, N.Y.

Zach Boss, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe, Bayou Bluff, La.

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Shame there is nobody from the UK on there. Looking forward to the revamped show. Always had a soft spot for Tough Enough and I thought the last season with Austin was actually pretty good reality TV.


Anyone know what become of big Andy? Was he called The Rage or something?

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I really anted kris travis to get a shot and with his backstory I thought the WWE would have snapped him up.


Hopefully tna come knocking for him


His submission video wasn't any good though. Disappointing that there aren't any UK representatives, but then again I can't think of any UK workers that I'm disappointed not to see, so guess that's why it is the way it is. First impressions are everything for the Tough Enough process and presentation is where pretty much all the UK's best fall down.

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Other than Big O are any of them names on the indies?

The times have changed. Most of the top indie guys will now get picked up at some point anyway, and they won't have the stench of the reality series gimmick attached to them.

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