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Calling NWE an American promotion is like calling Preston City Wrestling an American promotion. Whilst a lot of Americans were used, the risk lay with the Europeans.


Along the same lines, did the American Wrestling Rampage touring guys ever attract such large crowds?



Not strictly a wrestling show, but I remember a few years ago Matt Cross wrestling in a massive French stadium. Was during a footie halftime show I think. Crazy amount of fans there.


But when it comes to bums in seats for a predominantly British show I'd guess ICW have nailed it, unless a 1PW or Alex Shane show can lay claim to the title.

I don't know, take the Warrior return show they had in Spain as an example. Other than 2 Brits and 1 Italian girl - the entire card was with Americans (and some Mexicans). Kinda hard to call it a European show (+ I think Rikishi did more than just book talent for that promotion...).

On the other hand, I think the last time they ran a show they mostly had a local based roster and had about 3,000 fans which shows they could draw large numbers without having a roster that was based on 90% American imports...


American Wrestling Rampage did great numbers in France, but I don't think they ever got over the 5,000 mark.

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I’m admittedly not a close follower of ICW, but I’m actually quite looking forward to attending my first ever live ICW event this Friday in Manchester.


I loved the first of the BBC documentaries, but their actual product I’d seen on TV/online hadn’t won me over.  It’s clear they are incredibly strong at creating great characters that connect with the audience, then exploiting that connection so their regular fanbase is bought-into their storylines, but it always seems their shows are too driven by swerves, run-ins, massive heel stables and shitty shoot-works that are an immediate disconnect for me and have left me cold as a viewer.  I’ve always thought it would be much more enjoyable as a live experience, getting caught up in the infectious atmosphere, and I guess in a couple of days I’ll find out.


The Manchester show is ‘Live Forever’, part of their ‘Road to Fear & Loathing Tour’ (and they have further shows in Birmingham and Nottingham this weekend too, on Saturday and Sunday respectively), and on paper it looks a strong, loaded card:


NAK (Chris Refrew & BT Gunn?) vs. Polo Promotions (Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo?)


The Black Label (Drew Galloway & Jack Jester) vs. Legion (Tommy End & Jimmy Havoc)


Lionheart vs. Stevie Boy


The 55 (Kid Fite & Sha Samuels) vs. Grado & Joe Coffey


Noam Dar vs. Liam Thomson


Wolfgang vs. Damian O’Connor


Mikey Whiplash vs. Jack Gallagher



Now, I know arse-all about current ICW storylines (aside from the fact Wolfgang and BT Gunn are now inexplicably teammates in the New Age Kliq.  Because swerve), but I’m pretty familiar with most of the people on the show and there is potential for a great night’s fun.  Whiplash & Gallagher always have great matches against each other, and Dar vs. Thomson should be equally strong from an in-ring perspective.  I’m expecting Fite & Samuels vs. Grado & Joe to be all kinds of fun and games, and Drew/Jester vs. Havoc/End should be a crazy fight.


ICW are obviously doing something right, given their sell-out tours across the UK, enthusiastic loyal fanbase and mainstream media attention (not to mention the ridiculously impressive 4,000 ticket advance sell out of one of the SECC exhibition halls next month), so I’m eager to see if they win me over and get me all caught up in the hype when I’ve been and seen them for real.

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Even if you walk away from the live show not being a fan, I guarantee that you will have had a great night. The live experience is incredible, up there with the best atmosphere I've ever experienced across wrestling, football and live concerts.


Only bit of advice I'll give you is to get there as early as possible so that you can get a good spot at ringside.



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There will be a few pricks there though, so bring along your thickest skin so you don't turn around and thump some obnoxious arsehole chanting "We Are Awesome!" or "You're just a cheap *insert WWE wrestler here*". Gets right on my arse.

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Went to Live Forever with Benny just now.


I'd had two prior tastes of ICW down in London and really didn't like either show, but we got close enough the ring to get a good view of the action, and after a so-so first couple of matches, I really enjoyed the rest of the show.


I'm not a big fan of standing at shows, so will never be a regular, but after this one I can see myself attending ICW again. So well done to them for turning my opinion around...

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Went to the Birmingham show last night.


Great show from start to finish, with the main event of Spud Vs Galloway with Jack Jester as referee was head and shoulders above the other matches on the show. That's not a knock on the rest of the show, just that the match was that good!


Looking forward to Fear and Loathing now, genuinely excited and hope that ICW knock it out of the park!

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Final card looks to be:


Drew Galloway © Vs. Grado - ICW Heavyweight Title Match


The 55 (Kid Fite & Sha Samuels) Vs. Polo Promotions © - Tag Team Title Match


Davey Boy Vs. Stevie Boy © - ICW Zero G Title Match


Kay Lee Ray Vs. Nikki Storm - Tournament final to crown ICW Women's champion.


The N.A.K. Vs Legion - 6 man Steel Cage Match


Lionheart, Liam Thomson, Doug Williams Vs. Kenny Williams, Joe Hendry, Noam Dar


Rhyno Vs Joe Coffey


Damo Vs Jack Jester


Plus Mick Foley as guest commissioner likely to be doing something with Red Lightning.




The card looks absolutely fantastic and I'm glad I ended up getting the interaction tickets.  There's been loads of reassurances from ICW about viewing points but I'm still a bit concerned that having a good view will mean not being able to get out to the bar for a pint.  It's absolutely fantastic what ICW have accomplished and thoroughly deserved.  That said I'm not sure how many more events I'll get to after this given that the Square Go is almost sold out already.  It's just too big a financial commitment for me as a family man now.  It used to work out at £120 for 12 shows but now you're talking only 4/5 shows for that price and given other commitments I've got it's no longer doable to attend all of them.  I went to a SpaceBaws show a few months back which was great because it was in the Garage and you could get a great spot plus get in and out to the bar so I think that might be my preferred choice of shows in future.  Again though, it's fantastic that ICW have reached this level and entirely understandable that they're now running bigger venues with a higher price tag, it's just not the same experience for me as the more intimate venues though.

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It does look like an incredible show with one hell of a line up. Originally was considering going to this but things get in the way. The build up with shows all over the country has been really well planned out. It wouldn't surprise me to see ICW go on to even greater things after this. Can see me buying ICW on demand just to watch this show

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