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  1. Really enjoyed barramania apart from the lacklustre Barbed wire match the grado heel turn was superb and will hopefully give him a new lease of life
  2. Really enjoyed last nights show bar the knockouts match fingers crossed there will be some decent talent to come in and improve the division glad to see the pointless DCC looks to be coming to an end I wasn't looking forward to the return of Karen but it came across much better than expected
  3. Nah even if I started paying for it I would tell these lot I still wasn't as it bothers them so much
  4. Have you started paying for it yet? Would you?
  5. The app has now been rolled out to those in USA and Canada for $5 a month
  6. There not writing josh off exactly he's going to be getting a heel manager role
  7. I thought the show was decent enough it certainly looks a lot better back in 21 better lit and a much improved set A lot like other people I find josh irritating so the sooner he's off the commentary table the better I wasn't a fan of the dusty finish and think el patron could/should have been used differently coming in
  8. A new version of lax just made there debut managed by kinnan
  9. Breaking news from the spoilers Alberto el patron is NOT the world champion the title has been held up new belt incoming Well it wasn't vacant for long belt returned to lashley
  10. Moose beat drew on last nights. Broadcast to take the grand championship From what I can make out from the spoilers there was no mention of the tag titles at all last night
  11. Got to give it to tna they got exactly what they said they wanted for the fans impact will be Friday nights less than 24hrs after the USA airing and ppvs will be live in the U.K. Not heard anything about numbers but with options with itv and possibly bt this must be a good deal for tna And with them being back with Viacom you've got to think there's a good chance spike will be the new Home come January with what Ed has already had to say re the pop deal
  12. I think you'll find my app is perfectly up to date thanks not going over this tripe again zzzz
  13. The talks they publicly acknowledged were with itv and bt sport it's nailed on for an announcement an app restriction happened yesterday which now been lifted which coincides with the new faq re impacts im guessing that was some sort of test I'd guess the app will stay at £4.99 no idea what will happen re ppvs as they do want them live in the uk (or atleast did under Dixie) impacts will be given a 6 month time delay according to the new FAQ Fingers crossed the teased additions to the app come off with Noah and crash shows supposedly getting added no doubt whatever was taped for GFW will soon be added aswell
  14. Jeff Jarrett has tweeted get ready for some uk news
  15. It won't happen with lashley he's got too sweet a deal with bellator unless WWE were willing to let him work a very part time schedule and. Still fight for bellator