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Thanks for the reply mark I rang the secc last week as I'm taking someone with mobility issues (ambulant not wheelchair bound) and was told there was no designated area for this event they even offered a refund which we have declined


My friend is determined to attend the event and hopefully we can find somewhere he may be able take the weight off even if it's temporarily throughout the show

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...and European-wise there was that Italian indie that did some massive crowds in the 00s.

I'm guessing you are talking about NWE which in fact was more of an American promotion running shows in Italy since most of the talent was yanks :)

On the other hand, there was another (smaller) promotion based in Italy called EWF that managed to bring close to 11,000 fans in June 2005 with a roster of pretty much just European workers.

Also, I'm quite sure that the French promotion WS sold out venues that had a capacity of over 6,000.

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Calling NWE an American promotion is like calling Preston City Wrestling an American promotion. Whilst a lot of Americans were used, the risk lay with the Europeans.


Along the same lines, did the American Wrestling Rampage touring guys ever attract such large crowds?



Not strictly a wrestling show, but I remember a few years ago Matt Cross wrestling in a massive French stadium. Was during a footie halftime show I think. Crazy amount of fans there.


But when it comes to bums in seats for a predominantly British show I'd guess ICW have nailed it, unless a 1PW or Alex Shane show can lay claim to the title.

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