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TNA British Boot Camp 2 discussion thread


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I figured I'd make a topic for the show.

Over 50 UK wrestlers in competition for one TNA contract. A number of top UK talent are in this. The first episode (of eight altogether) is on tonight from 9pm to 10pm on Challenge TV, followed by IMPACT WRESTLING. It's the Glasgow auditions episode and it features names like Grado, Noam Dar, Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray and others. The following week are the Manchester auditions, then the London auditions, the UK finale (the 16 semifinalists wrestling at York Hall), and then the final four episodes will see the 6 finalists go to the States, where the winner will be determined.

List of people in the competition:

Dave Mastiff
El Ligero
Martin Stone
Joel Redman
Kris Travis
Rampage Brown
Noam Dar
Sha Samuels
RJ Singh
Mark Andrews
Jack Gallagher
Josh Bodom
The Babyface Pitbull
The Unnatural Disasters (Bulk & Karn)
The Fabulous Bakewell Boys (Jerry Bakewell & Steakley Bakewell)
Sebastian Radclaw
John Harding
Joe Vega
Richard Parliament
Pastor William Eaver
Chuck Cyrus
Kevin Lloyd
Rory Bailey
Evan Sarven
Hamish Campbell
Matt Fox
Joseph Conners
Johnny Rock
Bill Duffy
Simon Lancaster
The Nordic Warrior
Jordan Miles
Mr. Tank

Nikki Storm
Kay Lee Ray
The Owens Twins (Leah & Kasey Owens)
Lana Austin
Melanie Price
Heather Schofield
Miss Louise-Jane

And there's a few more, probably.

Who will win the contract?

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Yeah there's nowhere online I'm aware of, TVCatchup and Sky Go don't carry Challenge.


Would quite like to watch it live myself and don't have an aerial so that's a shame. Sure it'll turn up in the usual places tomorrow.

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That was great! Noam Dar looked fantastic, but his voice seems to let him down. I was also abit taken aback by how brutal the judges were on the women's looks. I found it quite sad actually.


The funniest part was Grado's " I was at the Buffet King!"

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