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Yet another thread about doing a plop


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Recently the new "cool thing to do" has gone from stabbing yourself in the arm with wall tacks to swallowing coins in one fmy local pubs.

Like an idiot not wanting to be called "a big girl" I've joined in. They cut you up as they go through. Anal fissures for all.

When I was young and stupid, my party piece was to eat lightbulbs. My teeth are now fucked because it grinds all the enamel off, and it's a double whammy at the other end because it gets you on the way out, and again as you wipe.


To leave it to the point of having to poke it out with a "come hither" motion seems just like a lack of foresight and a disregard for a pro active approach to life (or the fairly fundamental taking a dump part of life any way)

When that was first posted, I started getting worried if I'd not got for a shit that day, or I needed a shit but knew I hadn't had that much to drink. Paranoia over pooing is not a good thing. Pooanoia.
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