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TNA Impact


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Thought I'd join in the thread creation craze. I don't watch TNA until it's on Challenge, so thought we could have a discussion thread that is at UK pace!


What did people think of this week then? I've only got a certain way through but so far the highlight is Christy Hemme's dress when doing the tombola. Good Lord!

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Finding it a real slog to get through Impact at the moment and this one felt longer than Raw. I enjoyed the knock outs stuff though. I'd say heel Gail vs heel Mickie interests me more than any other feud they're doing right now. Also, as ever, loved Taz! His condescending delivery of, "Weeeell . . I think she needs medication or something, it's sad to see people like that" was wonderful. I hope he never starts to give a shit again.

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I thought this weeks was a good show.

The matches on Impact are generally good and all the tag ones this week were decent. The ladder match was entertaining to.


I like the idea of Jackson in MEM but i'm not sure why really. I guess he doesn't 'fit' but keeps him about without having to wrestle yet.


Oh and that was the best promo i've ever seen Sabin do. Looking forward to next week.

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I've really been enjoying Impact Recently...


Not entirely sure what the point of Aries winning the X Division title - then losing it again the following week....slightly pointless IMO


Last weeks Impact was great, all the tag matches were fun, the gauntlet was ok, ladder match was good and had a unique finish, Sabin and Bully Ray's promo was the best promo I've seen in TNA for a while.


Lets not forget Ken Anderson being elected VP of Aces and 8's...Would have preferred DOC to be honest. Give him something to do.


I usually hate Taz on commentary but on Impact there he had some really funny lines. Can't remember exactly but when Magnus came out he said something along the lines of 'The Main Event Mafia is sick and disgusting' which made me laugh as it sounds like something you would here in a playground.

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Is Destination X this sunday on Challenge?


or is it a like the One Night Only Series? to be shown in a few weeks?



It will be on this Sunday as it was just this weeks Impact episode, renamed as Destination X and is 2 hours as normal :)


Cheers mate!

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The Roode vs Aries match was good weren't it? They are the guys I want to watch. The knockouts are half interesting at the moment as well. Not much else going on for me though. I really, really fucking hate these silly three way XDivision matches. I'd say they're even worse than the gutcheck matches. I missed Taz shitting on this shit.


And Chris Sabin is the new champ :laugh: .


What a waster.


Admittedly they did do a good job of building him up throughout the show with the 'boyhood dream' vid packages. I wish WWE would still go full throttle like that occasionally.

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Was a bit disappoint with the 3 ways matches myself.

Sabin as champ, Hate the idea, but maybe he can prove me wrong.


Well now Bully isn't the champ, I will predict:


Bully Ray vs Hogan at BFG


If Bully wins he gets to stay married to Brooke, Hogan wins and they get divorced? - or some shit like that


Looking forward to Ultimate X next week as well and Styles vs Hardy!

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Well now Bully isn't the champ,


... for now. I really can't see this Sabin deal lasting.


I genuinely think there are a couple of scenarios :


1) Due to a combination of factors they decided it was the right way to go on the night :

I. Reinforce the Destination X stip,

II. Add more fuel to the A&8 v MEM fire,

III. Give Sabin the belt as a thank you for all the years of hard work and service

..... and the belt will be back on Bully Ray in short order for a big, well-built up proper dethroning to the next longer-term champion, maybe at BFG.


2) It was a "shock for the sake of a shock" result, and the belt will be back on Bully Ray in short order, see above.


3) They actually decided to get the belt off Bully Ray because he's one of their top names with friends at WWE that's been sending feelers out for work and they expect he'll ask to be allowed to leave soon.


So.... yeah. I truly can't imagine a single "Chris Sabin defends the World title" sentence that doesn't end with "against Bully Ray, who regains it from him." Unless we're talking about house shows. Not house shows in Missouri, obviously.

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