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Most Racist Gimmicks in Wrestling? You decide...


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I was thinking about gimmicks in wrestling that are racist, here are my thoughts.


Tatanka. The theme music was sung and composed by jim bell the WWF Composer, surely they could have used a real native pipe band, like the ones you see in every highstreet across the country. I even saw some when I was on holiday in portugal, one of them had a mullet, could it be him?


Eddie Gurrerro. He was Chilean, so how could it be latino heet?


Ludvig Borga. Shot himself because of the pressures of having a Finnish gimmick thrown on him. It was rumored he asked to be packaged as Lud Van Dyke and Vince turned it down telling him "You Polski Skelep's don't ever tell me how to live my life."


Papa Shango. He wasn't even black but could he do Voodoo??? WTF


Ultimate Warrior. I don't know if anyone ever noticed but when he was fighting someone from another race, I dunno....his smile was just different.....happier almost. maybe it was the Deca.



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Papa Shango not black? never knew that.


Not sure if it was intentionally racist, but Piper at the Wrestlemania where he fought Bad News Brown was a strange concept, blacking up half his body.

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Wasn't that the original plan for Harlem Heat? I'm sure they were supposed to come out in chains led by the plantation owner, can't imagine it would've gone down too well


Led to the ring by Col Parker. Sid's idea, it's said.

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Was it Bill Watts who wanted to do a slave stable with a plantation owner as the manager?


Thats interesting, who do you think would have made a good stable? I'm pondering..


Barry Windham as "The Stablemaster"

Ron Simmons

Ernie Ladd

Freddie Blassie (He was Jewish)

Great kabuki

Leroy Bellingy

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