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37 things you must do to be a real wrestling fan


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This was one of my favourite Apter mag articles back in the day. I've just found this piece I wrote about it for the Wrestling's Last Hope fanzine about 12 years ago, so I thought I'd reprint it here and see how everyone else does on the list.


2013 comments are in italics.


30 things I did to be a real wrestling fan
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17 - In 1999 I actually managed to attend six WCW shows in six days. It was insane.


From memory, the schedule was:


Sunday - Uncensored, Louisville

Monday - Nitro, Cincinatti

Tuesday - Saturday Night, Toledo

Wednesday - house show, Dayton

Thursday - Thunder, Lexington

Friday - house show, Chicago


Only Jerry Flynn wrestled on every show. La Parka turned up once - in a lucha tag in Dayton. Also, the Chicago show at the United Center was loaded with the likes of Hogan, Flair, Sting, Goldberg, Hart etc.



Edit: just looked it up on the History of WWE site.



Uncensored 99 - Louisville, KY - Freedom Hall - March 14, 1999 (15,930; 15,334 paid)


WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Mikey Whipwreck at 15:00 with the Shooting Star Press (Whipwreck's surprise debut)

Stevie Ray pinned Vincent at 6:30 with the Slapjack as Vincent attempted to hit Stevie with the slapjack foreign object, slid in the ring by Horace late in the bout; before leaving ringside, Horace told the camera he didn't care who won because he was the real leader of nWo black & white; due to pre-match stipulations, Stevie became the leader of the black & white faction

Kevin Nash (w/ Lex Luger & Elizabeth) pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. at 6:18 with a boot to the face, powerbomb, and grabbing the tights for leverage after Luger tripped Mysterio as he ran the ropes

Jerry Flynn defeated Ernest Miller & Sonny Onoo in a handicap match at 7:06 by pinning Onoo after an Irish whip by Flynn knocked Miller into Onoo in the corner, sending Onoo over the top into the ring

Hak defeated Raven (w/ Chastity) and Bam Bam Bigelow in a hardcore match at 14:28 by pinning Raven after Chastity used the fire extinguisher on her brother and landed a headbutt to his groin

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Curt Hennig & Barry Windham in a lumberjack match to win the titles at 15:57 when Benoit pinned Hennig with the diving headbutt after Arn Anderson interfered and hit Hennig in the back of the head with a tire iron after Hennig knocked Anderson off the apron; lumberjacks for the match - armed with leather straps - included Norman Smiley, Chris Adams, Prince Iaukea, Hugh Morrus, Bobby Duncum Jr., Kenny Kaos, Kendall Windham, & Meng; at the 1-minute mark, Anderson appeared ringside and, after speaking with Adams, took Adams' spot as a lumberjack

Perry Saturn pinned Chris Jericho in a dog collar match with the Death Valley Driver at 11:50 after avoiding a crossbody off the top; prior to the bout, Jericho was escorted ringside by Ralphus but then sent Ralphus backstage when Ralphus refused to work the match in Jericho's place

Booker T pinned WCW TV Champion Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) to win the title at 13:30 when Bagwell accidentally hit Steiner over the head with a steel chair when Booker moved out of the way, with Booker then dropping Bagwell before making the cover

Ric Flair pinned WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan at 14:18 with the figure-4 to win the title in a steel cage first blood match after Arn Anderson came ringside, jumped David Flair and Torrie Wilson, both of whom appeared mid-way through the bout, and handed Flair a tire iron to hit Hogan with; prior to the bout, Flair grabbed the mic and told referee Charles Robinson he didn't want him stopping the bout because of a scratch and would leave it to Robinson's discretion; Flair bled profusely from the forehead within the first 5 minutes but the match continued, with Hogan bleeding as well late in the match; despite Hogan being the heel and Flair the face, they worked opposite styles with Flair emerging as the heel; pre-match stipulations stated if Hogan won, Flair would be forced to retire; due to pre-match stipulations, Flair was named WCW President for life


WCW @ Cincinnati, OH - Firstar Center - March 15, 1999

Monday Nitro:

Meng pinned Jerry Flynn

Rick Steiner pinned Brian Adams

Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman to win the title

WCW Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated the Barbarian & Hugh Morrus

Stevie Ray pinned Horace Hogan

Disco Inferno pinned Konnan

WCW TV Champion Booker T pinned Chris Jericho

Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair & Bill Goldberg


WCW @ Toledo, OH - March 16, 1999

WCW Saturday Night taping:

Vampiro defeated Cpl. Cruel

Kendall Windham fought Bobby Duncum Jr. to a double count-out

Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated La Parka

Billy Kidman defeated Evan Karagias

Johnny Swinger defeated Barry Horowitz

Bobby Duncum Jr. defeated Bull Pain

Silver King defeated Lizmark Jr.

Disorderly Conduct defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong

Prince Iaukea defeated Scotty Riggs

Scott Norton defeated Chip Minton

Jerry Flynn defeated Barry Darsow

Lash Laroux defeated Lenny Lane

Meng defeated Mike Enos

Brian Adams & Horace defeated the Barbarian & Hugh Morrus via disqualification when Meng interfered

Chris Jericho defeated Perry Saturn via disqualification


Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Al Greene

Dave Taylor pinned Erik Watts at 5:16 with a butterfly suplex into a cradle

Kenny Kaos defeated the Disciple

Van Hammer defeated Lodi

Disco Inferno defeated Bobby Blaze

WCW TV Champion Booker T defeated Ernest Miller

Blitzkrieg defeated Super Calo

Rick Steiner pinned Norman Smiley with the bulldog off the top at 1:59; during the bout, it was announced Steiner would face Fit Filay on Monday Nitro

WCW Tag Team Champions Curt Hennig & Barry Windham defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko via disqualification


WCW @ Dayton, OH - March 17, 1999

Chris Adams defeated Mike Enos

Silver King & Lizmark Jr. defeated La Parka & Psychosis

Scott Norton defeated Jerry Flynn

Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Disco Inferno

Perry Saturn defeated Chris Jericho

WCW TV Champion Booker T defeated Bam Bam Bigelow

Rick Steiner defeated Scott Steiner


WCW @ Lexington, KY - Rupp Arena - March 18, 1999

Thunder - 3/18/99 - hosted by Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay; included an ad for the Konnan "Str8 Up" T-shirt; featured Gene Okerlund conducting an interview with Curt Hennig, who challenged WCW World Champion Ric Flair to put the title on the line and gave him 15 minutes to answer; included a backstage segment with Brian Adams claiming to be the leader of the nWo Black & White, with Horace decking him and proclaiming himself the leader; featured Okerlund conducting an in-ring interview with Flair, who insulted the Kentucky Wildcats and claimed he was tired of sucking up the fans, with Flair stating he would run WCW forever and WCW US Champion Scott Hall was stripped of the title, with a title tournament beginning later in the show and concluding at Spring Stampede; moments later, Flair called Hennig to the ring and said Hennig would face Hulk Hogan in the main event, then warning Hennig that he could work in one of two other wrestling organizations or be sent home if he laid a hand on Flair; included a promo for WCW.com; featured Disco Inferno's doctored version of Konnan's "Bow Wow Wow" music video; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Rick Steiner who stated he had been out for 6 months but was working with a trainer who was teaching him strikes and he wanted to get into a hardcore division, with Fit Finlay interrupting and the two agreeing to a match for the following week's Nitro; featured an ad for the 1999 Bruise Cruise; included Okerlund conducting an in-ring interview with Hogan, who claimed his crowd response proved he was still "the man" and that, from now on, he wouldn't back down or sucker opponents in, and that there was a new Hulk Hogan around and he would meet every challenge head-on:

Bobby Duncum Jr. pinned Kenny Kaos at 5:46 with a full nelson face slam

Vampiro pinned Prince Iaukea at 5:08 with the Nail in the Coffin; during the match, Perry Saturn appeared at the entranceway and stared Vampiro down (Vampiro's TV return after a 9-month absence)

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr pinned Juventud Guerrera at 9:51 with a huracanrana off the top

Disco Inferno pinned the Disciple at 4:41 after the Last Dance

Horace defeated Brian Adams at 5:59 after hitting Adams in the head with a foreign object as Adams attempted a back suplex, moments after Vincent came ringside and threw the object into the ring

WCW US Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals: Meng pinned Bam Bam Bigelow at 4:37 with the Tongan Death Grip

Hulk Hogan pinned Curt Hennig at 6:30 with the legdrop; late in the match, Horace came ringside and helped Hogan escape Hennig's fisherman suplex


Jerry Flynn defeated Scotty Riggs

Wrath defeated Mike Enos

Fit Finlay defeated Chris Adams

Billy Kidman defeated Blitzkrieg

Horace defeated Kaz Hayashi

WCW US Championship Tournament: WCW TV Champion Booker T defeated Perry Saturn

WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeated Barry Windham via count-out


WCW @ Chicago, IL - United Center - March 19, 1999

Chris Adams pinned Barry Darsow with the superkick at the 7-minute mark

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Billy Kidman and Juventud Guerrera by pinning Guerrera with a hurricanrana off the top at the 8-minute mark

Scott Norton pinned Jerry Flynn with a powerbomb at the 8-minute mark

WCW Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Curt Hennig & Barry Windham at the 12-minute mark when Benoit pinned Windham with a northern lights suplex as Hennig pinned Malenko after hitting him with one of the title belts; Benoit and Windham were the legal men in the match

Konnan defeated Bobby Duncum Jr. via submission with the Tequilla Sunrise at the 7-minute mark

Bill Goldberg pinned Meng with the Jackhammer at the 7-minute mark

Sting pinned Bret Hart with the Scorpion Death Drop at the 5-minute mark

WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeated Hulk Hogan via reverse decision at the 12-minute mark; Hogan originally won the match and title following a suplex into the ring but referee Charles Robinson disqualified Hogan for knocking him to the floor moments earlier

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Was that the one that was a great write up in Powerslam? ECW PPV involved as well, and an indy show where 911 turned up with the ring?


It was. Martin E. Cox did the write-up. We travelled together until Thunder - Martin then went to New Jersey for the indy show and ECW PPV and I went to Chicago for WCW as I couldn't get more time off work to attend ECW.

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